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with Michael Peck, Findlay Prep (NV) Head Coach, ranked among the top five in the nation for high school basketball; 3x ESPN NHSI Championships in 5 years (2008-12); 4 NBA draft picks in 2 years Scoring on out bounds and being prepared for special situations can be the difference between winning and losing a game. If two teams are equal in talent, often times it's the better prepared team that has an advantage. Findlay Prep Head Coach Michael Peck opens his toolbox of plays to create scoring opportunities using every player on the court. The Findlay Prep basketball team has consistently put themselves in a position to compete for the national high school basketball title. This can only be done with proper preparation. In this instructional basketball DVD you will get a chance to see a series of special situation plays that have helped the Findlay team win multiple national championships. With his baseline out of bounds series, Coach Peck introduces four set plays that will force your opponents to be ever present in order to prevent an easy shot. Each play has a simple number and the players quickly put it into action. Within each play however, Peck introduces the quick hit and then the multiple options that also come from the play. Often in out of bounds plays it is the in-bounding player who is forgotten by the defense. All of these plays have the option of hitting the safety valve to get a shot for the in-bounder coming off of a single or a double screen. This section is followed up by showing Switch, which is a counter screening system that can be applied to all four baseline plays. Putting an effective wrinkle into the play is sure to dumbfound opposing teams who think that they have figured out your in-bounds plays and are overplaying. Near the end of the game, having a sideline out of bounds game-winner in your toolbox is a must. These two plays, Special and Short, are completely different plays in action but are similar in that they both present lob opportunities and shots off of screens. Peck walks the players through his Special play that not only misdirects his opponents, but also provides an opportunity for an easy layup. Scoring a simple layup to win a game late is the goal for any coach and Special delivers. Coach Peck also discusses the importance of working on time and game situations within your practices. Whether you are up by 2 with 10 seconds left or down by 10 with 2 minutes to go, putting your players in these situations is the key to being prepared for whatever may happen in your games. Including these and other special situations plays in your practice routine may be your key to winning a league, state or national title! 46 minutes. 2012.
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