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The sportline solo 925w women s heart rate monitor pedometer watch pink is sold out or discontinued. We found 164 related products.
Sportline - HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle Blue - 22 oz. Sportline HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle color Blue holds 22 fluid ounces of water. The Sportline Hydracoach Intelligent Water Bottle is the world's first interactive water bottle. Doctors, nutritionists, and fitness trainers all recommend that we drink more water yet there has never been a device to help us adhere to the expert's recommendations. The HydraCoach is the only product of its kind and a breakthrough in personal hydration monitoring. HydraCoach Key Features: Calculates your personal hydration needs. Tracks your fluid consumption through the day. Paces you to ensure hydration goals are met. Motivates you to stay properly hydrated. Easy setup and operation. Soft silicon mouth piece. Simple to clean and fill. Robust nylon finger ring. Durable polycarbonate bottle. HydraCoach Technology: The HydraCoach hydration monitor is a small electronic device comprising a low pressure, low volume, liquid flow sensing mechanism linked to an interactive computer/display module. When the unit is inserted between a hydration source and its drinking port, a complete system is created that provides an accurate measurement of fluid intake for proper hydration. The HydraCoach hydration monitor functions by means of Generated Electronic Pulse technology. A magnetized impeller floating within a sealed cartridge is placed in-line with the path of fluid, and in close proximity to a sensor located within the head unit. When the flow of liquid comes in contact with the impeller, it begins to rotate, causing the equi-spaced magnetic elements embedded within to pass the sensor, generating a small electronic pulse. This pulse is transmitted to the microprocessor where a measurement of fluid volume is calculated. The volume of fluid is directly related to the rate at which the impeller spins and these pulses generated. The amount of fluid passing through the system is shown on the display.
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Sportline SOLO 925 Pink Heart Rate Plus Pedometer Watch Designed for Women Want to pick up a little more speed in reaching your fitness goals? Look no further than Sportline's Solo 925 Pink Heart Rate + Pedometer Watch Designed for Women. Sportline's patented Any-Touch Technology provides you with ECG accurate heart rate readings, along with targeted zone programming and calorie-burn monitoring. And with its built-in accelerometer constantly monitors your distance, speed and strides, Sportline's Solo 925 Pink Heart Rate + Pedometer Watch Designed for Women helps you achieve your overall fitness goals. Ready to get in the fast lane? Any Touch Technology - Touch Activated Case Lightly touch anywhere on the watch case to instantly display your heart rate. Solo 925 Features: Accurately Track Steps and Distance 3Beat Sensor ECG Accurate Heart Rate Reading No Chest-Belt Required Programmable Target Heart Rate Zones Out of Heart Rate Zone Alarm Calorie-Burn Monitor Dual Time Display (12/24 hr. Setting) Large Digital Display with EL Backlight Fitness Alarm and Hourly Chime Stopwatch Count-Down Timer Water-Resistant to 50 Meters 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty Heart Rate Monitors Sportline Heart Rate Monitors are engineered with highly advanced, patented sensors that cater to a variety of user's demands. Sportline Heart Rate Monitors offer the latest in performance functions, are easy to use and all are ECG-accurate. Pedometers Powered by proprietary monitoring technologies and state of the art designs, Sportline Pedometers deliver unmatched performance and accuracy. Benefits of Walking: Why Walking? It's the most popular participation sport in the world. It doesn't take any special skills, advanced condition, special equipment or clothing. All you need is a good pair of walking shoes, comfortable clothes and a pedometer. So, why wait? Join the movement.
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