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The spri bb spri weighted bar difficulty level 30 lbs is sold out or discontinued. We found 453 related products.
SPRI Super High Density Foam Rollers - Style Name: 36-Inch x 6-Inch SPRI's Strongest Foam RollerSPRI's High Density Foam Roller is ultra rigid providing maximum firmness. Sturdy and resilient. Built to hold up to the most rigorous and demanding foam roller applications. Stays cleaner looking longer. High Density Foam Rollers are available in sizes measuring 36 and 12 in length with a 6 diameter.Trainer's ChoiceSPRI's High Density Foam Roller offers superior strength and continually withstands the rigors of any workout environment. Preferred by trainers and gym owners everywhere for their unparalleled durability at a reasonable price.About SPRI SPRI pioneered the concept of rubber resistance more than two decades ago and continues to be the leader in providing innovative effective and professional quality rubber resistance fitness solutions today. From the Original Xertube to the Xering and a variety of packaged solutions SPRI products deliver rapid total-body results. Browse through the following pages to see our tried-and-true classics plus new products accessories and educational materials. With a variety of resistance levels to choose from there s something perfect for every client and every fitness goal. Features and SpecificationsUltra rigid providing maximum firmnessBuilt to hold up to the most rigorous and demanding foam roller applicationsPerfect for developing core stabilization lower body balance and staminaMay also be used for gentle stretching and self-mobilization of joints and spineAvailable in 2 sizes: (12-Inch and 36-Inch)
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The Braided Xertube offers all the benefits of the original SPRI Xertube and then some. The Braided Xertube is available in 5 resistance levels,which are color-coded in the familiar SPRI colors. The braided rope-like construction makes it the toughest tube on the market. Use the SPRI braided tubing indoors or out, wrap them around, under, over. They?re tough enough to take whatever you throw at them. The upgraded handle not only provides comfort, but also allows all four tubes to come through the connector independently, making the Braided Xertube durable enough for any training environment, allowing it to stand up to even the most demanding strength training. While researching ways to improve rubber resistance tubing, SPRI discovered that four is better than one ? four tubes, that is. SPRI?s unique braided tubing harnesses the strength of a dependable, time-tested, rope-like construction that weaves four high-quality dipped tubes together into a taut,braided configuration. These larger, stronger braided tubing products share the load across all four tubes rather than a single tube. They?re attached with a patented four-hole connector so that each tube is secured independently of the others. The result is a more resilient, longer-lasting rubber resistance training tool that?s effective for even the most demanding, high-tension, increased-velocity movement patterns, such as with advanced sports conditioning. Features Built To Last - Engineered specifically to hold up in even the most rigorous training environments Safe To Use - Patented four-hole connector guards against breakage and snap-backs Increased Resistance - Each color-coded resistance level provides a slight increase in the amount of resistance compared to the same color of single tubing Use Anywhere - Can be used outdoors, even for demanding boot camps Step On It! - Or anchor it to club exercise machines, wrap it around a park bench, position it securely around your midsection, loop it around your leg
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SPRI Flat Band Kit Total Body Combo - 1 Kit SPRI Flat Band Kit is total body combo kit. SPRI Flat Band Kit can be used for Heavy Resistance and Medium Resistance. SPRI Flat Band Kit allows you to strengthen, trim and tone your entire body with one convenient package. The Flat Band targets your upper body, targeting the arms chest, shoulders and back.The the Flat Band Loop works your lower body, sculpting the hips, glutes and legs. SPRI Flat Band Kit includes: One (1) Medium Resistance Flat Band One (1) Heavy Resistance Flat Band One (1) Special Heavy Resistance Flat Band Loop Exercise Instruction Sheet Have you joined the resistance? Did you know you can get a total body strength training workout-without the weight? With rubber resistance exercise products, you can tone, shape, and strengthen all of the major muscle groups in your body using lightweight, affordable, portable tubing that goes anywhere you do. Just think of it as pumping rubber. Pumping Rubber has become a quite popular and effective means of strengthening and conditioning all of the major muscles of the body, says Greg Niederlander, SPRI Director of Education. You can perform gym-type weight machine and free weight exercise movements with rubber resistance products, all for just a fraction of the cost of traditional equipment. One of the best things about rubber resistance products is that they can be used effectively for any muscle in your upper or lower body. From arms, shoulders, and back, to hips, thighs, and buttocks, you can perform a variety of exercises and create routines to target any part of your body you want. Here are some basic moves to try: To tone your arms: Try holding on to the tubing handles, stand on the middle of the tube with one foot, and perform Arm Curls. To tone your shoulders: Next, straighten arms up and away from side of body and perform Side Arm Raises. To tone your buttocks: Now, position one foot behind your body in a split-stance, and perform Lunges.
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