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The spri ysk r2 yoga starter kit 2 foam blocks strap poster is sold out or discontinued. We found 417 related products.
SPRI Flat Band Kit Total Body Combo - 1 Kit SPRI Flat Band Kit is total body combo kit. SPRI Flat Band Kit can be used for Heavy Resistance and Medium Resistance. SPRI Flat Band Kit allows you to strengthen, trim and tone your entire body with one convenient package. The Flat Band targets your upper body, targeting the arms chest, shoulders and back.The the Flat Band Loop works your lower body, sculpting the hips, glutes and legs. SPRI Flat Band Kit includes: One (1) Medium Resistance Flat Band One (1) Heavy Resistance Flat Band One (1) Special Heavy Resistance Flat Band Loop Exercise Instruction Sheet Have you joined the resistance? Did you know you can get a total body strength training workout-without the weight? With rubber resistance exercise products, you can tone, shape, and strengthen all of the major muscle groups in your body using lightweight, affordable, portable tubing that goes anywhere you do. Just think of it as pumping rubber. Pumping Rubber has become a quite popular and effective means of strengthening and conditioning all of the major muscles of the body, says Greg Niederlander, SPRI Director of Education. You can perform gym-type weight machine and free weight exercise movements with rubber resistance products, all for just a fraction of the cost of traditional equipment. One of the best things about rubber resistance products is that they can be used effectively for any muscle in your upper or lower body. From arms, shoulders, and back, to hips, thighs, and buttocks, you can perform a variety of exercises and create routines to target any part of your body you want. Here are some basic moves to try: To tone your arms: Try holding on to the tubing handles, stand on the middle of the tube with one foot, and perform Arm Curls. To tone your shoulders: Next, straighten arms up and away from side of body and perform Side Arm Raises. To tone your buttocks: Now, position one foot behind your body in a split-stance, and perform Lunges.
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SPRI - Xercise Ball Professional Plus Red- 65cm Ball w/ Pump - 1 Ball(s) SPRI Xercise Ball Professional Plus 65 centi-meters (cm) Stabilility Ball with Pump is tough enough for your toughest workouts. Built of professional quality materials that resist bursting and offer true slow-deflate under weights of up to 350lbs. The Professional Plus Xercise Ball is one tough ball. It's Safe and durable enough to withstand the most diverse training application, including weight lifting. When you to want to develop your strongest body- then choose our strongest ball. With the Xercise Ball you can Develop muscular strength and stabilization. Strengthen and tone major muscle groups and secondary auxiliary muscles. Use it as an office chair to workout while you work. SPRI Xercise Ball is professionally designed with heavy duty, dura-wall construction to take everything you have to give. True slow-deflate capabilities make it the ideal, safe solution for enhancing your weight training and strength training workouts. With the proper use of the SPRI stability balls, you can improve your posture, balance, flexibility, core strength and coordination. The stability balls can be used to challenge individuals of all ages and fitness levels, and has many different applications including sports conditioning, rehabilitation, and pre/post natal training. General Guidelines for choosing the size of Xercise Ball that is right for you : 45cm = under 5ft. tall 55cm ball = 5' to 5'7 65cm = 5'8 to 6'3 75cm = over 6'3 tall Package Includes: One SPRI Professional Plus Xercise Ball. SPRI Air Pump. Instruction Sheet. Go Ahead and Give this Ball Your All!! Please Note: colors may vary!!!
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Product Information: SPRI Lex Loop Resistance Band At 26 the SPRI Lex Loop is the shortest cuffed product, making it ideal for smaller range of motion isolation type exercises. The newly increased cuff size provides a more secure and comfortable fit for all body types. Very Light (Yellow) = Beginner Users Light (Green) = Beginners to Moderately Fit Users Medium (Red) = Moderately Fit to Fit Users Heavy (Blue) = Fit to Very Fit Users Ultra Heavy (Purple) = Extremely Fit Users. Rubber Resistance History Until the early 1980s, rubber resistance products were mainly used for physical rehabilitation purposes. Then SPRI introduced the SPRI Xertube with looped tubing handles for upper-body use and SPRI Xercise Bands for lower-body use. These products allowed instructors to easily and cost-effectively lead large groups in resistance training for health, fitness, and performance applications. The demand for rubber resistance products and the ever-expanding training needs of instructors quickly grew in the 90s. The industry continued to push for more advanced products. SPRI started producing dipped tubing, the purest and most resilient form of rubber tubing available (compared to weaker extruded tubing). SPRI also added more specialized features to new and existing products. For instance, hard and foam covered handles were added to the Xertube, cuffs were added to increase comfort and keep the Xercuff in place during use, and rings of tubing were made to withstand higher resistance demands. Today, all SPRI rubber resistance products are still put through the most rigorous controlled testing available, including extensive trials in the field. The entire SPRI team, including the advisory committee and instructors, is constantly out there, visiting firsthand with those who use the products the most and staying ahead of the trends in the industry
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