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Starfox Adventures (Nintendo GameCube, 2002)


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pros: nothing much

cons: Childish, not as good as the 64 game or even the SNES game

A fun game you ask?

I found this game to be a wierd starfox game. It didnt have the flying ships on the long stretch of... See Full Review



pros: Great Graphics, some of the best i've seen.

cons: Everything else...

And now, the series turns to crap...

When I bought Starfox adventures, I thought that it was going to be like every other StarFox game(St... See Full Review



pros: Graphics, Sound, Atmosphere

cons: Fighting style, some puzzles

The Dinoaurs are coming!

When Gamecube was still fairly new and I had my big plans too buy one. I got mine with two games, M... See Full Review



pros: Suberb Graphics, Fun Mini Games,

cons: Far To Short, Predictable Story,

A dissapointment

Rare Ware have been known to deliver top class games o the Nintendo 64, some say that Rare Ware save... See Full Review



pros: Amazing graphics, good story.

cons: Could have been longer or had more optional side quests.

It's Starfox meets Zelda.. they mix pretty good too.

Star Fox Adventures Dinosaur planet is one of the best looking games on the gamecube graphically. A... See Full Review



pros: Some gorgeous graphics, the short but sweet classic Arwing flight time

cons: Controls, camera, boring, some crappy graphics, audio

Rares Last Waltz With Nintendo Was A Toe-Stepper

Introduction Why did I do this? Why in Gods name did I buy this piece of garbage without... See Full Review



pros: Excellent graphics, sound, music, and puzzle/adventure gameplay.

cons: Critics. Critized. Underrated.

Starfox Adventures: Rare Says Goodbye To Nintendo With a Superb Game

Official Name: Starfox Adventures Developer: Rareware Publisher: Nintendo Re... See Full Review



pros: Great graphics and animations, with some farily good voice-overs.

cons: Unoriginal design, quite a bit of backtracking sometimes.

Not Quite What You Would Expect, But Is That A Bad Thing?

StarFox Adventures really doesn't have anything to do with the StarFox series established in the pas... See Full Review



pros: Marvellous Graphics, easy-to-use controls

cons: Very, Very, Very Short. Not much of a challenge... To much running back and Forth

This could have been so much more...

I, like pretty much every other Gamecube owner, was highly anticipating this game. I thought: "Lylat... See Full Review



pros: Pro Graphics, Nice Puzzles, Eyecandy

cons: Repetitive, Generical

Star Fox Adventures - Its really an adventure or a revolution?

Every new game that gets out for the great game cube gives you the eyecandy you where trying to find... See Full Review

Product Details

Tech Details
Support Elements With Memory Support
Release Year 2002
Key Features
Rating T - Teen
Genre Adventure
Platform Nintendo GameCube
Other Features
Brand Nintendo