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The starhawk for playstation 3 is sold out or discontinued. We found 25 related products.
From Earth, the starry expanses of space appear docile, quiet and twinkling with magic. But you know better than to trust appearances. Launch yourself millions of light years beyond the safety of our atmosphere, and prepare to discover what truly lies beneath the nighttime sky's beguiling surface. It may be true that there is no civilized life in space but there certainly is life. The beings that plague the skies and roam the planets of faraway galaxies lack any sense of law, fairness or empathy and possess only destructive power beyond belief. But the lawless lowlifes of space better beware there's a new sheriff in town, and he's about to instill a little justice, Earth-style. Starhawk propels you into the wild frontier of space on a high-octane, bullet-ridden campaign to tame the lawless landscape of the open universe as Emmet Graves. Arm yourself for unpredictable combat across the land and sky as you beat back swarms of enemies in frenetic, run-and-gun foot battles, or shower them with bullets from above in high-flying aerial attacks. The filthy criminals of space play by their own rules and so should you. With the innovative Build & Battle system, you can manipulate the battlefield to your advantage and call up to an orbiting ship to get instant access to all the equipment, vehicles and fortifications you could need. Wield even more power over miscreant foes by recruiting up to three friends to your campaign in co-op mode. When you've honed your gun-slinging skills, put your trouble-taming talent to the test in epic, 32-player online battles that morph based on the way your opponents Build & Battle. Grab your guns and perfect your swagger, cowboy. This is no Wild West. You're in the crossfire of the new frontier.
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