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The steinberg media technologies cubase 6 for pc mac is sold out or discontinued. We found 47 related products.
Software & Plug-ins - Steinberg Nuendo 6.5 Professional Audio Post-production System Software is beefed up and ready to handle your next film or video project. Many of us at Sweetwater with post-production backgrounds grew up with the earliest versions of Nuendo, and we're excited to see how powerful it's become. For instance, Nuendo 6.5 includes an upgraded ADR system with functions that make foley work a piece of cake. Integrated EBU-compliant loudness processing ensures that your projects come out fully compliant with today's metering standards. With its streamlined workflow experience and seamless integration into the Steinberg/Yamaha Nuage system, Nuendo 6.5 is your one-stop sound-for-picture solution.Steinberg Nuendo 6.5 Professional Audio Post-production System Software at a Glance:Ultra-advanced mixing console optimized for postADR Taker 2.0 takes the pain out of ADRFully integrated EBU-compliant loudness meteringUltra-advanced mixing console optimized for postSteinberg Nuendo 6.5 raises the bar for what a post-optimized mixing console should be. With its sleek single-window concept, Nuendo 6.5's mixing surface gives you instant access to all vital functions and delivers a plethora of visibility configurations and drag-and-drop functionality for lightening-fast operation. An intuitive Quick Link system and Control Link groups let you temporarily or permanently link entire channels - or just specific parameters. The nifty View Sets function lets you store and recall any channel configuration as a preset. You get up to four different MixConsoles, and each one comes with its own channel visibility management, letting you define which channels you want to see - and how they'e arranged.ADR Taker 2.0 takes the pain out of ADRADR - automated dialog replacement - can be a pain. Managing actors and a myriad of cue points, tracks, and record ons and offs can really take its toll on your project schedule and your patience. Luckily, Nuendo 6.5 includes Steinberg's ADR Taker 2.0, an advanced system that totally streamlines your ADR workflow. Multiple playback/recording modes, automated naming schemes, and a pre-record buffer option all combine to simplify the ADR process. If you've used other ADR systems, you'll be amazed at how much easier Nuendo 6.5 makes your job.Fully integrated EBU-compliant loudness meteringIn post, your live and die by your meters. If your metering isn't spot-on, your project's headed for big trouble. Take television commercials, for example: in recent years their loudness levels have increased dramatically. The EBU R128 loudness norm was introduced to deal with this by harmonizing the loudness level to achieve a higher dynamic range - not simply a higher peak level or increased compression rate. Fortunately, Steinberg Nuendo 6.5 has your back with fully integrated EBU-compliant loudness metering. What's more, in v6.5, Nuendo introduced automatic loudness processing, providing you with worry-free post production.Steinberg Nuendo 6.5 Professional Audio Post-production System Software Features:A highly sophisticated DAW designed entirely around video post productionUnlimited audio and MIDI tracks provide plenty of breathing room for your projects to developEfficient plug-in search function saves you valuable time finding the right processorsEach channel strip features three compressor types and a brickwall limiter to keep dynamics under controlHighpass and lowpass filters plus noise gate with sidechain support on every channel make mixing easy64-band CurveEQ lets you easily transfer the sonic characteristics of an audio track to anotherAdvanced professional level metering includes EBU-compliant loudness meteringAutomated loudness processing includes industry standards (e.g., EBU R128) and fully user-definable settingsConvenient setup of effects sends and cue mixes makes monitoring and advanced routing simpleEasy preset management for individual effect processors or whole signal chainsDrag-and-drop signal path
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