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The steinberg media technologies cubase 6 for pc mac is sold out or discontinued. We found 34 related products.
For musicians and producers looking for a portable, high quality recording solution, the Steinberg UR22 Recording Pack is the perfect choice! This incredible package includes the UR22 audio interface, an MXL1022 condenser mic, an MXL-57 shock mount and a Mogami 10 inch XLR cable. The UR22 Recording Pack from Steinberg is aimed squarely at first time customers of an audio interface who are looking for a high quality solution featuring brands that they can trust. Steinberg UR22 Recording Pack Features Includes UR22 professional mobile interface Cubase AI — Steinberg's compact recording solution for music production MXL1022 condenser microphone with MXL-57 shock mount Mogami 10' XLR cable 24-bit/192 kHz USB 2.0 audio interface 2 Class-A D-PRE mic preamps supporting +48V phantom power 2 Analog XLR/TRS combo inputs (Hi-Z switch on input 2 for electric guitar), 2 TRS line outputs MIDI input and output Headphones jack with independent level control Zero-latency hardware monitoring with mix balance knob USB-powered for mobile recordings Rugged full-metal housing Cross-platform compatibility with major recording software applications and best performance with included Cubase AI music software Steinberg UR22 Audio Interface With two industry-acclaimed D-PRE mic preamps, the Steinberg UR22 USB Audio Interface uses class-leading 24-bit/192 kHz converters providing pure sound wherever you roam. With a dedicated high- impedance switch, a separate headphones jack and phantom power supply, and MIDI I/O, the portable 2-in/2-out UR22 features a compact chassis design in a rugged housing to make it the perfect choice for mobile musicians, touring DJs and everyone in between. MXL 1022 Mic The MXL1022 large diaphragm condenser microphone captures vocals and instruments in crisp detail. It features an FET preamp with balanced output and wide frequency response to pick up a broad range of sound, from vocals to a wide variety of instruments. The microphone is internally wired with world-class Mogami cable for precise recordings and when placed into the MXL-57 shock mount, ensures professional performance. Mogami XLR Cable The 10’ XLR-XLR Cable from Mogami, the largest selling wire brand for major recording facilities, delivers the purest recordings. Each cable is made from Mogami's 2552 microphone cable with signature Mogami 100 percent spiral coverage for extremely low noise. The cable is finished off with high quality Gold XLR connectors.
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Software & Plug-ins - Steinberg Nuendo 6.5 Professional Audio Post-production System Software is beefed up and ready to handle your next film or video project. Many of us at Sweetwater with post-production backgrounds grew up with the earliest versions of Nuendo, and we're excited to see how powerful it's become. For instance, Nuendo 6.5 includes an upgraded ADR system with functions that make foley work a piece of cake. Integrated EBU-compliant loudness processing ensures that your projects come out fully compliant with today's metering standards. With its streamlined workflow experience and seamless integration into the Steinberg/Yamaha Nuage system, Nuendo 6.5 is your one-stop sound-for-picture solution.Steinberg Nuendo 6.5 Professional Audio Post-production System Software at a Glance:Ultra-advanced mixing console optimized for postADR Taker 2.0 takes the pain out of ADRFully integrated EBU-compliant loudness meteringUltra-advanced mixing console optimized for postSteinberg Nuendo 6.5 raises the bar for what a post-optimized mixing console should be. With its sleek single-window concept, Nuendo 6.5's mixing surface gives you instant access to all vital functions and delivers a plethora of visibility configurations and drag-and-drop functionality for lightening-fast operation. An intuitive Quick Link system and Control Link groups let you temporarily or permanently link entire channels - or just specific parameters. The nifty View Sets function lets you store and recall any channel configuration as a preset. You get up to four different MixConsoles, and each one comes with its own channel visibility management, letting you define which channels you want to see - and how they'e arranged.ADR Taker 2.0 takes the pain out of ADRADR - automated dialog replacement - can be a pain. Managing actors and a myriad of cue points, tracks, and record ons and offs can really take its toll on your project schedule and your patience. Luckily, Nuendo 6.5 includes Steinberg's ADR Taker 2.0, an advanced system that totally streamlines your ADR workflow. Multiple playback/recording modes, automated naming schemes, and a pre-record buffer option all combine to simplify the ADR process. If you've used other ADR systems, you'll be amazed at how much easier Nuendo 6.5 makes your job.Fully integrated EBU-compliant loudness meteringIn post, your live and die by your meters. If your metering isn't spot-on, your project's headed for big trouble. Take television commercials, for example: in recent years their loudness levels have increased dramatically. The EBU R128 loudness norm was introduced to deal with this by harmonizing the loudness level to achieve a higher dynamic range - not simply a higher peak level or increased compression rate. Fortunately, Steinberg Nuendo 6.5 has your back with fully integrated EBU-compliant loudness metering. What's more, in v6.5, Nuendo introduced automatic loudness processing, providing you with worry-free post production.Steinberg Nuendo 6.5 Professional Audio Post-production System Software Features:A highly sophisticated DAW designed entirely around video post productionUnlimited audio and MIDI tracks provide plenty of breathing room for your projects to developEfficient plug-in search function saves you valuable time finding the right processorsEach channel strip features three compressor types and a brickwall limiter to keep dynamics under controlHighpass and lowpass filters plus noise gate with sidechain support on every channel make mixing easy64-band CurveEQ lets you easily transfer the sonic characteristics of an audio track to anotherAdvanced professional level metering includes EBU-compliant loudness meteringAutomated loudness processing includes industry standards (e.g., EBU R128) and fully user-definable settingsConvenient setup of effects sends and cue mixes makes monitoring and advanced routing simpleEasy preset management for individual effect processors or whole signal chainsDrag-and-drop signal path
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Steinberg CC121 Cubase Control Surface; The in-your-face Cubase interface. Steinberg's CC121 is used for Cubase, worldwide, in many differing production environments. The CC121 interfaces use functional complexity to inspire the creativity of musicians and producers who make music with the world’s most popular music production system. Built with high standards in both manufacturing and materials, CC121 gives complete control of the parameters of Cubase enabling the user to put down the mouse and keyboard and grab a hold of a friendly interface with an analog feel. The Steinberg CC121 control surface has its own unique design architecture to keep the user focused on their Cubase project. Steinberg CC121 Features Advanced Integration System; Total integrated control of Steinberg’s Cubase Ultra-precision Advanced Integration Controller Knob with point and control support High Quality, 100mm, touch sensitive, motorized, channel or group volume fader Dedicated controls for Cubase channel settings (solo, mute, record arm, pan...) Full Cubase EQ section: 12 Rotary EQ encoders and bypass/mode button Full transport section including jog wheel User-assignable section, adapt the CC121 to your needs Instant plug and play with Cubase-ready LED - no additional setup required Quality engineering and component quality including valuable full metal case Cross-platform support; compatible with Mac and PC Instant plug and play CC121 features full plug and play with Cubase, requiring no additional setup as a controller device. A swift, one-step installation procedure as a USB device is all that’s required. Once the CC121 has been installed, Cubase detects the device when launched, and automatically binds CC121 into the Cubase production environment. To reflect this, the Cubase Ready lamp lights up – CC121 is ready to assume control. Instant plug and play is just one of the advantages of CC121 as a fully integrated controller with Cubase, bonding with Cubase to form one exhilaratingly powerful hardware/software production system. USB bus-powered The CC121 is powered using the USB bus on your computer. This means simply connecting the CC121 to a USB port offers full control over Cubase. When the included AC adaptor is also connected, the precision fader is motorized, accurately displaying the volume level on the selected track. Fully mirrored functionality One of the major advantages of the CC121 is the software-hardware-mirroring. In distinction from DAW controllers you’ll find all Cubase controlling functions in hardware exactly mirrored to their software counterpart. You don’t need to learn where you’ve put the functions on your controller. You can work with your Cubase as intuitive as before but with the convenience of a hardware mixer. It’s possible to control all functions with the push of a button, no more necessity for long mouse clicking ways. AI Knob - Revolutionary Advanced Integration Controller Perhaps the most innovative area of CC121 is the revolutionary AI Knob, a point and control precision controller. Rather than attempting to replace traditional mouse pointing devices, the AI Knob harnesses the flexibility of a computer mouse to offer unprecedented speed when editing parameters and adjusting settings. The computer mouse is simply moved over the parameter, which is then automatically placed under full precision control through the AI Knob, with no need to make any additional settings in Cubase, any additional software module or on the interface itself. The parameter can be locked to the AI Knob to retain control w
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Audio Interfaces - Steinberg's ultra-portable UR22 USB interface combines the amazing sound quality of discrete analog circuitry with the ease of mobile portability. Featuring two of Steinberg's celebrated D-Pre microphone preamps, the UR22 gives you breathtaking Class A analog preamp circuitry anywhere you go. You'll love the crystal clear 24-bit/192kHz sample rates. The Steinberg UR22 USB interface is perfect for musicians and producers making music on the go!Steinberg UR28M USB 2.0 Audio Interface at a Glance:Two Class A D-Pre microphone preamplifiers with XLR/TRS jacksAmazing analog circuitryIncludes Cubase AI6 recording softwareTwo Class A D-Pre microphone preamplifiers with XLR/TRS jacksSteinberg's engineers teamed with Yamaha engineers to design the UR22. They used the acclaimed Class A D-Pre design, featuring advanced, inverted Darlington circuits, for an exceptionally smooth and detailed performance. The Steinberg UR22 features two of these microphone preamplifiers, giving you plenty of inputs to mike an entire band at once. What's more, each channel features an XLR/TRS combo jack, so you can easily track line-level gear alongside your microphones. There's even a hi-Z switch on the front-panel for running a guitar or bass in direct.Amazing analog circuitryTrue discrete Class A preamp circuitry makes the Steinberg UR22 stand out, particularly among USB audio interfaces at its price point. Wait till you hear the astonishing sound quality the UR22 has to offer! This fantastic pair of preamps takes desktop recording to a whole new level. You also get phantom power on each channel to run your favorite condenser microphones.Includes Cubase AI6 recording softwareGet started making music just as soon as you pull your Steinberg UR22 out of the box. You get powerful Cubase AI6 software included, for up to 32 audio tracks and up to 48 MIDI tracks. Based on the same core technologies as the Steinberg Cubase advanced music production system, Cubase AI offers great tools for composition, recording, editing and mixing. Cubase AI6 also comes with VST effects, VST3 plug-ins, and tons of drum loops. It's an excellent way to step into the production power of Cubase.Steinberg UR22 USB 2.0 Audio Interface Features:Excellent 24-bit/192kHz USB 2.0 audio interface with phenomenal analog and digital circuitry2 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs2 x Steinberg's D-Pre Class A discrete mic preamps with +48V phantom power onboard give you excellent analog soundLatency-free hardware monitoringCross-platform compatibility for Mac OS X and WindowsIncludes Cubase AI music production softwareMobile producers and musicians will love the Steinberg UR22 USB 2.0 audio interface's amazing onboard preamps and latency-free hardware monitoring. USB Audio Interfaces
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Software & Plug-ins - NOTE: This is an upgrade offer from Steinberg to allow registered users of Sequel 2/3, Cubase SE 3, Studio Case 2, Cubase AI 4/5/6, or Cubase LE 4/5/6 to upgrade to Cubase Artist 7 for a special reduced price. Proof of eligibility is required to activate this product. For more information, please call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer.Steinberg created Cubase Artist 7 DAW software to bring you a streamlined music production environment, with a host of virtual instruments and processors any producer would be impressed with. With eight awesome virtual instruments (with over 2,400 sounds ready to go), and over 40 powerful plug-in processors, Cubase Artist 7 gives you the tools you need to start producing fast. And when you're ready to mix, the new EQ and Dynamics channel strip modules give you a console-like mixing experience. There's a ton of potential in Steinberg Cubase Artist 7 DAW software.Steinberg Cubase Artist 7 DAW Software at a Glance:Streamlined version of the acclaimed Cubase 7 DAWAmazing array of virtual instruments and processorsNew Chord Track feature helps you composeStreamlined version of the acclaimed Cubase 7 DAWYou'll find much more than you expect in Cubase Artist 7. You get a wide range of virtual instruments and plug-in processors right out of the gate, just like you do with Cubase 7. And you also get the advanced comping, powerful Chord Track feature, and console-like channel strip modules found in Cubase 7. In fact, if you're more focused on music creation than mixing or post production work, you may find all you need in Cubase Artist 7.Amazing array of virtual instruments and processorsIn Cubase Artist 7 you'll find a set of eight versatile virtual instruments, 46 powerful plug-in processors, and even 18 MIDI effect processors. You get a ton of sounds to work with, from electronic drums and synths to acoustic instruments and sound effects. And Steinberg's unique instruments are here too, like the sound-warping Padshop granular synth and the sampler-style Groove Agen ONE drum machine. The plug-in suite covers everything from guitar amp modeling and convolution reverb, to precise EQs and analytical metering. New Chord Track feature helps you composeIn Cubase Artist 7 you'll find a new way to help you compose your music - the Chord Track. This track works as a type of conductor for your other MIDI tracks. You tell the Chord Track what chords are used in your progression (enter them manually or detect them from your MIDI performance), and the Chord Track can use this to transform your MIDI tracks while maintaining their harmonic relationship.Steinberg Cubase 7 Artist DAW Software Features:Powerful music production and editing environment for Mac/PCSupports up to 64 audio tracks, 128 MIDI tracks, and 32 instrument tracksSet of eight amazing virtual instruments, with over 2,800 sounds ready to play withNEW - integrated EQ/Dynamics channel strip modules gives you the feel of mixing on a real consoleNEW - Powerful set of 46 audio processors including guitar amp modeling, convolution reverb, and much moreNEW - Chord Track gives you assistance with composing and makes it easy to modify your arrangementNEW - Lots of workflow improvements, including advanced compingMac/PCCommand powerful audio and MIDI tools with Steinberg's Cubase Artist 7! DAW Software
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