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Software & Plug-ins - The AIR Strike 2 virtual instrument does the impossible where software drum machines are concerned by providing you with completely natural and realistic drum performances that can fit any music you create. Thanks to its unique real-time performance engine and advanced sample triggering, Strike 2 can easily go off script, delivering natural playing variation you'd swear came from a real session drummer. A whopping 19 drum kits featuring over 30GB of samples provide detailed sound suited for just about any genre of music, and a full mixer section lets you define every aspect of AIR Strike 2's sound. AIR Strike 2 Drum Machine Virtual Instrument at a Glance:The naturally human feel missing from most drum machinesLoaded with killer grooves, top-quality sounds, and epic controlFull mixing capabilities let you define the best sound for your musicThe naturally human feel missing from most drum machinesThe Strike 2 real-time performance engine is easily the thing that makes it stand out from other drum machine virtual instruments the most. With dedicated controls for complexity and intensity, this engine lets you dial in the character and behavior of your virtual drummer. This provides you with performances ranging from a bored jazz cat who's happy to throw in an embellishment here and there, to an Animal-style power hitter who plays rock beats like the kit personally insulted his mother. A whole bank of MIDI-learnable controls also lets you change up parts of your drum performance in real time, either from the GUI or from your MIDI keyboard. Combined with its remarkably sophisticated sample switching, there's artificial-sounding about AIR Strike 2. Loaded with killer grooves, top-quality sounds, and epic controlStep back a little and check out Strike 2's drum sounds and groove library. Unlike the majority of well-regarded drum machine virtual instruments out there, which maybe come with one or two drum kit sounds, Strike includes a massive 30GB collection of drum sounds spanning 19 fully customizable drum kits (all recorded by AIR at Blackbird Studios). From jingle-ready rhythms to hard-rock beats and cool jazz grooves, the Strike 2 library covers it all. Feel like taking the road less traveled? Program your own custom pattern with the onboard style editor or play your new grooves with any MIDI instrument. Full mixing capabilities let you define the best sound for your musicBut that's not all Strike 2 has to offer in the way of sculpting your drums. Onboard, you'll find a full mixer section, complete with EQ, effects, dynamics, and more. Individual mic-placement channels let you vastly alter the sound of your kit, and you can even dial in things such as bleed from one mic to another. Strike 2's mixer even goes so far as to offer you discrete routing and mixing of each individual drum kit component.AIR Strike 2 Drum Machine Virtual Instrument Features:An easy way to produce professional, highly realistic drum performancesControl intensity, complexity, timing, groove, dynamics, and more for an incredibly organic soundReal-time control of the virtual drummer's performance lets you lay down natural-sounding drum tracksAdvanced sample switching lets you gradually adjust dynamics without the typical machine gun effectBuilt-in virtual mixing console provides you with full control over drum kit soundControl room ambience, microphone levels, mic bleed, EQ, dynamics, and much moreDedicated EQ and two insert effects/processors per channel Effects and processors include: dynamics, distortion, filtering, modulation, delay, reverb, and moreMixer supports discrete routing and mixing of each drum kit componentCreate your own kits from WAV and AIFF files from your other sample librariesMIDI Learn functionality allows easy mapping to MIDI controllersDoubles as a powerful MIDI drum module64-bit AAX plug-in format provides full compatibility with Pro Tool 11+Add realistic drum tracks to your tunes with AIR's amazing Strike 2 virtua
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