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Sudokumania (Nintendo DS, 2006)

Sudoku is the puzzle phenomenon from Japan, a game that looks like a math problem, but is in fact a twisting puzzler. The rules are simple: start with a grid consisting of nine three-by-three squares in which some of the numbers are already supplied. Fill in the blank squares so that each column, row, and three-by-three grid contains a number from 1 to 9 with none repeated.<br /><p><br />Sudokumania brings touchscreen gameplay and an infinite number of puzzles to the DS with this version of the classic puzzle game. Customize your gameplay by switching between numbers or symbols, changing the difficulty level and choosing between 2 grid sizes to adjust to your personal skill level. Also, take on another player in 2-player Versus Mode.

Sudokumania (Nintendo DS, 2006)

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Product Details

Tech Details
Game Special Features <li>Algorithm generates an endless number of puzzles<br /><li>Use the touch screen to enter numbers<br /><li>Multiple difficulty settings
Support Elements Multi-cartridge Multiplay
Control Elements Gamepad
Number of Players 1-2
Release Year 2006
Key Features
Rating E - Everyone
Genre Puzzle
Platform Nintendo DS
Product Identifiers
UPC 695771800111
Game Sudokumania
MPN 695771800111
Other Features
Brand UFO Interactive