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The sun microsystems 4 gb pc2100 ddr ram x7711a is sold out or discontinued. We found 732 related products.
Features The Hood: The Virtual Sun VS1000TRMS Features a Mirrored Reflector Tube for Maximum Cooling of the bulb. This is designed to work excellent as a stand alone cooling method or can be in conjunction with a inline fan (not included). The glass tube is constructed of premium tempered glass which allows for greater heat dissapation allow the bulb to stay cool, while maximizing its life span. The Multi-surface reflector reflects the light to plants to ensure even lighting and maximum yield from the plants. 1000W High Pressure Sodium Bulb: High Power 1000-Watts (HPS) Bulb 125,000 Lumens High Output Color Temperature: 2,100k Average Life span 20,000 to 24,000 hours Take 1 to 2 Minutes to Reach Full Brightness HPS bulb give out 10% More light than standard bulb. 10% Increase of light output = 10 % more plant growth 30% More Blue/Violet Provides Better Range for your Plant. Fits All Standard 1000 Watts HPS Grow Light Systems Ballast System A Magnetic Ballast is a great entry level ballast for beginning users. Many growers use magnetic ballast due to their low cost, reliability, and proven track record The adjustable hanger system is simple to install and makes adjusting the height of your lamp easy (includes 2) The powered light timer is easy to set up and is designed to help you control the amount of light your plants receive throughout the day Specifications Shipping Weight: 55.00 lbs. What's In The Box? (1) VS1000CRDS Hood (1) High Pressure Sodium Bulb ( HPS ) (2) Adjustable Hanger System (1) Digital Ballast (1) Light Timer Your Virtual Sun Kit will ship in a plain brown boxes right to your door. Warranty 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
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