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The sun microsystems 4 gb pc2100 ddr ram x7711a is sold out or discontinued. We found 322 related products.
Shop for Plumbing from! This composting system meets the standards of the National Sanitation Foundation Standard 41 testing.Additional FeaturesIncludes Sun-Mar 510 Pint Flush Composting ToiletIncludes a 4 bolt toilet flange for mountingComes on your choice of seat heightAvailable in your choice of colorHas a Sun-Mar 30 watt turbo fan2-inch vent stack removes evaporating liquidVent stack also removes odorsRequires a water hook-upSupplied with a 1-inch drain hose2-inch PVC thinwall vent pipeUses standard toilet paperComes with a limited 3-5 year warrantyGet everything you need to start recycling waste with the Sun-Mar Centrex 2000 Electric Low Flush Composting System. Complete with a composting system Sun-Mar 510 Pint Flush Composting Toilet and a toilet flange this system is rated continuously for four adults or families of six. This unit has a Sun-Mar 30 watt turbo fan and a 370 watt thermostatically controlled heater to turn waste into compost and a 2-inch vent stack for odorless operation. The 2000 Low Flush Composting System requires a water hook-up and comes with a limited three to five year warranty.Sun-Mar 510 Pint Flush Composting ToiletProvides the benefits of a flush toiletMinimizes the use of waterFor use with the Centrex seriesFoot pedal flush fills the bowl with waterBowl is sealed by ball valve and Teflon sealCan be flushed manually in the winter if necessaryFeatures a regular size toilet seatMeasures: 15.25W x 20.5D x 18.75H inchesSun-Mar 4 Bolt Toilet FlangeUsed for mounting composting toiletComes pre-drilled with 4 floor boltsKeeps you from having to modify a universal flangeSun-MarIn 1971 Hardy Sunberg developed the world's first self-contained composting toilet that could be put in a bathroom and would evaporate liquids and compost solids. Over the years he developed a rotating drum with three chambers that would become the foundation for today's toilets. To this day Sun-Mar remains the world leader in researching and developing composting toilets. From self-contained units to central units and even composting toilets that are specially made for RVs and boats Sun-Mar has over twenty models to choose from and each is made to fill a specific need. Sun-Mar ensures that each of their toilets take advantage of a using a drum to create compost through aeration and mixing. All Sun-Mar toilets are also certified by the National Sanitation Foundation.
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Ozone BenefitsInstallation Tips Worlds First All-in-One Ozone System for Spas Most Advanced CD Technology The Aqua Sun Universal Ozone System is the breakthrough solution for simple spa ozonator installation! No more improperly installed check valves, no more ozone tubing to loop and connect. The AquaSun XL 80 is the world’s first all-in-one ozone Venturi system ready to be installed right into a water jet line. Built-in Venturi Injector No need to buy a separate Venturi injector or ozone mixer! The Aqua Sun XL-80 is the first ozonator with a built-in ozone injector for direct hook-up to a 3/4 water line. Integral cavity mixing maximizes mass transfer (dissolving of ozone) for fewer ozone bubbles introduced into the spa water. Youll save time, installation hassles, and money! A pair of hose clamps is included. The Most Advanced & Reliable CD Ozonator The XL 80 offers powerful purification with the use of ozone. Its great for the environment and is nature’s way for clean water. Features the worlds most advanced CD technology, manufactured to minimize Nitric Acid build up which causes premature failure in other CD designs. Compact and reliable, this all-in-one ozone generator is setting new standards for long life and effectiveness. Aqua Sun Ozone’s Corona Discharge micro-ozone cell provides consistent ozone output with less heat, less energy usage, yet higher output. There are no cartridges, chips or bulbs to replace for years of reliable operation. Even the inlet air is filtered. Built-in Check Valves the XL-80 features a built-in dual check valve configuration to prevent water back-flow. So the need for a Hartford loop is totally eliminated.Universal Power 120V/240V Voltage hassles are over! The built-in Universal Power Supply automatically senses the supply voltage and works with 120V or 240V power, so you never have to worry about which voltage your control system ozone circuit requires.Choice of Connector Types: --> -->  Installation Instructions Product notes: Ozone output 50mg/hr. For spas up to 1500 gallons. Power input 100V-240V, 50/60Hz, 65/33mA with power indicator LED. 7.5L x 4.75W x 2.13H. 3/4 hose barb connectors. 2-Year factory warranty. Instructions & clamps included. UL/CUL/CE/TUV certified. An external Turbo Mixer is not needed, and should not be added with this ozonator.
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