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The suunto m5 running pack men s watches black is sold out or discontinued. We found 38 related products.
Suunto X10Suunto X10The ultimate outdoor toolLiving up to the expectations of its predecessors, the Suunto X10 features a GPS tracking system that is fast and accurate, with robust performance in harsh conditions. It also has a long battery life and is USB chargeable, making it the ideal companion for adventurers. Before the tripFor added preparation, use the Suunto Trek Manager software before your journey to create routes and plan your journey. You can also use one of several commercial software products* that are compatible with Suunto X10 and plan and view your hiking and trekking trips on a computer using digital outdoor maps. During the tripThe Suunto X10 continuously checks the barometric pressure, so you can always stay one step ahead of the weather. In addition to the altimeter, compass, and barometer use the GPS to better navigate to up to 500 waypoints throughout your journey. You can set the Suunto X10 to Activity Mode to record your speed, distance, and altitude information, and any memory points you define along the way. With the fast GPS fixes - even under heavy foliage - and long lasting battery power, you can navigate confidently and conveniently, while keeping your hands free. Once you reach your destination, set your Suunto X10 on Track Back mode to be guided back the way you came. After the tripAfter your trek upload your journey to (or a third party digital map software*) to visualize the altitude profile, plot and show your progress on a map and share your experience with your friends and fellow outdoor enthusiasts. When everyone knows where you've been and how you got there, the pressure is on to find new places. With the Suunto X10, the earth is your playground. View tracks on Movescount.comYou can export tracks from your Suunto X10 to, where you can view your adventures anywhere on the globe with real satellite imagery (provided by Google Maps). Once exported to, you can relive your adventures, zooming from outer space to distances as close as 60 meters / 200 feet with detailed resolution. You can also view your speed and altitude graphs from your journey, and share all this information online with your friends. Check now! *Third party softwareThere are several commercial software products that are compatible with Suunto X10 and allow planning and viewing of your hiking and trekking trips on a computer using digital outdoor maps. Products compatible with Suunto X10 include National Geographics TOPO!, Austrian Map, CompeGPS, Fugawi, German Top-Map Series, MagicMaps and Memory-Map. GPS: record routes, mark waypoints, track speed and distance View tracks, plan, and visualize routes on using the cable provided (on PC and Mac)Altimeter, barometer, compassTime, dual time, calendar, multiple alarms, stopwatchWater resistant up to 100 meters/300 feetMenu based user interfaceComputer connectivity using the USB cable providedOnly 76g
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The Suunto X-Lander Watch is a combination altimeter, barometer, compass and watch. It has the same features as the Suunto Vector, but also boasts a mineral crystal glass face and carbon fiber back. Two year warranty.The X-Lander Watch is an outstanding gift for the discerning outdoorsman! Features: Time:12/24 hour clock Calendar pre-programmed to the year 2089 3 daily alarms Stopwatch, range 23:59,59 / Countdown timer, range 23:59, 59 Altimeter:Current altitude: range up to 29,500 ft / 9,000m - resolution 10ft / 5m Ascent/descent rate in ft/min or m/min Difference measurement function allows zeroing of the altimeter for following vertical progress between stages Automatic 24-hour memory stores altitude and ascent/descent rate for every hour Logbook stores total ascent/descent, average ascent/descent rate, number of runs skied, duration of log Barometer:Absolute pressure range 8.90 - 32.40 inHg / 300 - 1100 mbar Sea level pressure range 27.25 - 31.90 inHg / 921-1080 mbar Resolution 0.05 inHg / 1 mbar Difference measurement function allows zeroing of the barometer for following e.g. overnight changes in barometric pressure and temperature Automatic 4-day memory stores pressure information in one hour intervals for the last six hours, then in six hour intervals Adjustable sea level pressure function Barometric trend indicator Temperature: range -20 - +60 C / -5 - +140 F Compass:Shows bearing in degrees and cardinal or half-cardinal point North-South arrow Bearing tracking function displays locked bearing, actual bearing and difference between these declination adjustment Declination adjustment Additional features:Backlight, electroluminescent User-replaceable battery Easy-to-read display Water resistant to 30 m / 100ft Weight 1.9 oz / 55gTwo year warranty
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Suunto Vector XBlackSuunto Vector XBlackLegendary outdoor sports instrument with a solid track record of high-altitude performanceAfter a decade of travels, adventures and courageous expeditions, the Suunto Vector is still the most legendary of all the Suunto outdoor devices. With technology and durability that can take on the harshest of environments, the unique heritage of Suunto Vector has withstood the test of time. Altimeter The altimeter features a range up to 9,000 m / 29,500 ft, putting all 14 of the world's 8,000+ meter summits within your reach. Suunto Vector also features an altitude difference measurement function for following the vertical progress between different stages of a climb. It has an automatic 24-hour memory that stores the altitude and ascent/descent rate for every hour and also features an adjustable altitude alarm and a number of different memory functions. With the unique logbook function, you can also record your total and cumulative vertical ascents and descents, as well as the number of runs skied. Barometer Suunto Vector displays the current barometric pressure and temperature, enabling you to forecast weather changes when they matter most. It also automatically records barometric data for the past four days: the first six hours in one-hour intervals and in six-hour intervals thereafter. When the reference altitude is set correctly, the instrument also shows the present sea level pressure, making it easier for you to read and understand the barometric pressure at high altitudes. However, when touring the mountains, don't forget that the detected barometric pressure changes when you are moving in a vertical direction, which at times, makes the tracking of weather changes a bit more complicated. Compass The digital compass of Suunto Vector guides you with cardinal or half-cardinal points and the north-south arrow. The compass can also be set to track a certain bearing, which helps you follow a desired direction in unknown terrain. The declination adjustment function allows you to correct the difference between true north and magnetic north, for a more accurate reading and direction. Time In addition to the outdoor-related functions, Suunto Vector also displays current time, in either 12 or 24-hour format. It has three daily alarms, a calendar programmed to the year 2089, a stopwatch with split-time measurement, and a countdown timer.Altimeter with vertical speed measurement and altitude alarmBarometer with pressure difference measurementCompass with leveling bubble for more accurate readingMultiple watch functionsLight plastic housing in a selection of colorsUser replaceable battery
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