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The suunto ss015859000 watch is sold out or discontinued. We found 30 related products.
The Suunto X-Lander Watch is a combination altimeter, barometer, compass and watch. It has the same features as the Suunto Vector, but also boasts a mineral crystal glass face and carbon fiber back. Two year warranty.The X-Lander Watch is an outstanding gift for the discerning outdoorsman! Features: Time:12/24 hour clock Calendar pre-programmed to the year 2089 3 daily alarms Stopwatch, range 23:59,59 / Countdown timer, range 23:59, 59 Altimeter:Current altitude: range up to 29,500 ft / 9,000m - resolution 10ft / 5m Ascent/descent rate in ft/min or m/min Difference measurement function allows zeroing of the altimeter for following vertical progress between stages Automatic 24-hour memory stores altitude and ascent/descent rate for every hour Logbook stores total ascent/descent, average ascent/descent rate, number of runs skied, duration of log Barometer:Absolute pressure range 8.90 - 32.40 inHg / 300 - 1100 mbar Sea level pressure range 27.25 - 31.90 inHg / 921-1080 mbar Resolution 0.05 inHg / 1 mbar Difference measurement function allows zeroing of the barometer for following e.g. overnight changes in barometric pressure and temperature Automatic 4-day memory stores pressure information in one hour intervals for the last six hours, then in six hour intervals Adjustable sea level pressure function Barometric trend indicator Temperature: range -20 - +60 C / -5 - +140 F Compass:Shows bearing in degrees and cardinal or half-cardinal point North-South arrow Bearing tracking function displays locked bearing, actual bearing and difference between these declination adjustment Declination adjustment Additional features:Backlight, electroluminescent User-replaceable battery Easy-to-read display Water resistant to 30 m / 100ft Weight 1.9 oz / 55gTwo year warranty
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OPTIONAL Heart Rate - Designed for Explorers and AthletesPart# SS019561000 and (SS019562000 HR version)Color: BlackAll you need for outdoor sports - navigation, speed, altitude, weather conditions, OPTIONAL heart rate and features for running, biking and swimming. Thousands of Suunto Apps available to add new functionalities to your watch. Packed in a glass fiber reinforced casing with a battery life of 16/50 hours, Ambit2 is ready for any adventure. Advanced outdoor and multisport functions Outdoor and training functions Personalize with 1000+ free Sports Apps Robust design Long lasting battery life (16/50h) Ambit2 manual is provided with this product. For a PDF version to view now, please click here The chart below displays features, product's contents, possible accessories, warranty information and specifications.   Ambit 2 Sapphire click for more detail Ambit 2 click for more detail Ambit 2S click for more detail Ambit click for more detail EXERCISE/TRAINING features:       Laps Ambit 2 Sapphire laps manual/automatic Ambit 2 laps manual/automatic Ambit 2S laps manual/automatic Ambit laps manual/automatic Logbook Ambit 2 Sapphire logbook Ambit 2 logbook Ambit 2S logbook Ambit logbook Interval Timer Ambit 2 Sapphire interval timer Ambit 2 interval timer Ambit 2S interval timer Ambit interval timer Peak Training Effect in Real Time Ambit 2 Sapphire peak training effect via Ambit 2 peak training effect via Ambit 2S peak training effect via Ambit peak training effect via Recovery Time Ambit 2 Sapphire recovery time suggestions after exercise Ambit 2 recovery time suggestions after exercise Ambit 2S recovery time suggestions after exercise Ambit recovery time suggestions after exercise Multi Sport Support Ambit 2 Sapphire multi sport support Ambit 2 multi sport support Ambit 2S multi sport support - Bike Power Support Ambit 2 Sapphire bike power support Ambit 2 bike power support Ambit 2S bike power support - Indoor Swimming Support Ambit 2 Sapphire indoor swimming support Ambit 2 indoor swimming support Ambit 2S indoor swimming support - GPS features:       GPS Grids British (BNG), Finnish (ETRS-TM35FIN), Finnish (KKJ), Irish (IG), Swedish (RT90), Swiss (CH1903), UTM NAD27 Alaska, UTM NAD27 Conus, UTM NAD83 Ambit 2 Sapphire GPS grids Ambit 2 GPS grids Ambit 2S GPS grids Ambit GPS grids Find Back Ambit 2 Sapphire find back Ambit 2 find back - Ambit find back Points of Interest Ambit 2 Sapphire GPS points of interest 100 Ambit 2 GPS points of interest 100 Ambit 2S GPS points of interest 100 Ambit GPS points of interest 100 Routes Ambit 2 Sapphire routes Ambit 2 routes Ambit 2S routes Ambit routes Speed Ambit 2 Sapphire speed Ambit 2 speed Ambit 2S speed Ambit speed Tracks Ambit 2 Sapphire tracks Ambit 2 tracks
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