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The tascam im2 microphone interface for ios devices is sold out or discontinued. We found 73 related products.
Recorders - The TASCAM DA-3000 makes ultra-high-quality recording fast and simple whether you're working in your studio or running live sound. With the DA-3000 rackmount recorder, you get your choice of recording in up to 24-bit/192kHz PCM linear or in DSD (direct stream digital) format up to 5.6MHz. What's more, you can record straight to inexpensive SD/SDHC or CompactFlash media for added convenience and portability. And with the same digital converters found on TASCAM's highly popular DV-RA1000HD, you know you'll get phenomenal sound quality every time you record to your DA-3000.TASCAM DA-3000 DSD Master Recorder at a Glance:Amazing DSD sound qualityHigh-quality analog circuitry and AD/DA conversionOutstanding live recordings are easyAmazing DSD sound qualityInstead of going into the technical details of how the DA-3000's DSD digital audio format works, let's just say it sounds amazing. It's the perfect format for any project you've put serious work into. By recording your completed mixes into the TASCAM DA-3000, you're ensuring you've got the highest possible quality before mastering and distribution.High-quality analog circuitry and AD/DA conversionThe analog circuitry and AD/DA converters in the TASCAM DA-3000 rackmount recorder are based on the top-notch converters in the acclaimed DV-RA1000HD recorder. The result is rich, low-noise audio with exceptional imaging. Said another way, TASCAM paired the DA-3000's high-quality DSD format with an analog signal path that would do your audio justice. Outstanding live recordings are easyThe TASCAM DA-3000 is fully equipped to head out of your studio and onto the stage. It's a fantastic way to record a 2-track mix from the console with stunning DSD sound quality. If your live recording goal is to bring the audience's experience to listeners everywhere, the realism of DSD audio is the best way to capture it.TASCAM DA-3000 DSD Master Recorder Features:Rackmount master recorderRecords high-quality 24-bit/192kHz or stunning DSD 2.8MHz or 5.6MHz audioPristine analog signal path and AD/DA converters based on the DV-RA1000HD recorderRecords to SD/SDHC or Compact Flash card mediaPowerful synchronization options with built-in TCXO clock generatorPerfect for recording final mixes in your studio or 2-track live mixes from the FOH consoleYou'll be amazed at the sound of the TASCAM DA-3000 DSD Master Recorder! CD/DVD/Flash Recorders
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Tascam PT7 Tuner Recorder Offers the Tools Needed for Any Budding Player! The PT7 starts with a high-speed chromatic tuner, adjustable to 7 alternate scales and adds a metronome that plays from the speaker or headphone out at rates form 30 to 300bpm in six time signatures. The built-in mono recorder employs the internal mic to capture song ideas, listen back to a phrase or slow down a tricky passage to play along. Though designed for the acoustic instrument player and educator, the PT7 is the ideal companion for any instrument player - from student wind instruments to electric guitar. The PT7 also offers pitch training for wind and stringed instrument players to hone their abilities. Tuner Features High-speed chromatic tuner Calibration option Oscillator out function 8 musical scales (12-note equal temperament, Pythagorean, Mean Tone, Werckmeister III, Kirnberger III, Kellner, Vallotti, Young) On-screen display ideal for students' Pitch Training Metronome Features 30-300 bpm metronome Internal speaker or headphone output Six time signatures (0-7 beats, duplets, triplets, shuffle, quadplets, quadplets without center beats) Recorder Features Record practice through built-in microphone Loop and slow down playback without changing the pitch Audio playback with pitch correction Quickly capture song ideas or phrases 20 minute recording time Feature Benefit Fast chromatic tuner Your note is instantly identified in the display, using a vertical scale and rotating pattern to help you zero in on pitch Tuner Oscillator Provides a tone for musicians or singers to use as pitch reference Metronome Tap Tempo Press a button to the beat for a display of that tempo Built-in mic and speaker Use without attaching other equipment Digital recorder Records 20 minutes of mono audio for capturing ideas or slowing down a phrase to learn it 1/4 inch mic or instrument input Plug in a guitar or bass to tune it Alternate metronome meters Practice music in meters like 7/4 or shuffle time Alternat
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