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The tascam im2 microphone interface for ios devices is sold out or discontinued. We found 116 related products.
Recorders - An all-in-one recording workstation, the TASCAM DP-32SD Digital Portastudio packs the flexibility of a fully loaded DAW into a single piece of ultra-reliable hardware. With eight individual input channels, the 32-channel DP-32SD lets you easily track an entire band. A studio's worth of onboard effects, signal processors, and mastering tools, gives you everything you need to polish your tracks to perfection and save them to the included SD card or export them to your computer via USB. And thanks to its intuitive master section and full set of hands-on controls, producing music with the TASCAM DP-32SD is as fun as it is rewarding. TASCAM DP-32SD Digital Portastudio Recording System at a Glance:Enough simultaneous inputs to track the whole bandLoaded with fun onboard effects and powerful built-in signal processorsIntuitive channel-strip-style controls make tracking and mixing easyEnough simultaneous inputs to track the whole bandTrack the whole band at once, with the TASCAM DP-32SD Digital Portastudio. The DP-32SD comes loaded with eight individual inputs. Each input is equipped with an XLR-1/4 combo jack and a microphone preamplifier, complete with phantom power for your condenser mics. That means even if you use a handful of microphones on drums and a few more on guitars and bass, you'll still have inputs left over on the DP-32SD to track vocals.Loaded with fun onboard effects and powerful built-in signal processorsNo studio is complete without quality effects and signal processors. That's why TASCAM loaded their DP-32SD Digital Portastudio with a ton of studio-style tools. Record with vital processors such as equalizers, compressors, and limiters, while the DP-32SD's onboard guitar-amp-simulation engine adds real amplifier sound to your instrument input. You can sweeten your sound with reverb, chorus, and other enhancements during mixdown. What's more, the TASCAM DP-32SD's powerful onboard mastering effects let you get the most out of your final mixes.Intuitive channel-strip-style controls make tracking and mixing easyWhy wade through tedious menus for the controls that should be close at hand? TASCAM built the DP-32SD to be both powerful and intuitive to use, with none of the frustrating awkwardness that plagues over-engineered gear. The DP-32SD's simple master channel-strip section gives you hands-on controls for your channel EQ, pan, and send settings. There's also an easy-to-read color display that gives you instant feedback as you tweak your channel settings, effects, and processors, as well as dedicated controls for all essential recording functions.TASCAM DP-32SD Digital Portastudio Recording System Features:Simultaneous 32-track playback for full-scale production8 mono tracks and 12 stereo tracks give you what you need for the whole bandStereo tracks can be used as mono tracks for flexible inputsIntegrated 40-input mixer to mixdown 32 playback tracks with 8 inputs for monitoring and mixingSimultaneous 8-track recording is perfect for session multitracking or live recordingProfessional standard bit depth and sample rate settings - 16/24-bit, 44.1k/48k8 combo jacks for mic and line inputs High-quality mic pres with phantom power let you use your studio condensers Guitar input selectable on input H for direct recording of guitar and bassUnbalanced and balanced stereo monitor outputs for flexibility2 effect sends for using outboard gearHeadphone output for quiet monitoringRemote input to connect a RC-3F footswitch for convenient trackingStudio quality effects for inputs, guitars, mixdown, and masteringBounce functionality to mix input signals and playback tracks, and record the mixed signal to track Virtual tracks capabilityRecording must-haves include mark function, chromatic tuner, and metronome Same file transfer capability as USB mass storage device of a computerAC adapter and 2GB SD card includedTurn your ideas into polished tracks with the TASCAM DP-32SD Digital Portastudio! Digital Multitrack Recorders
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Audio Interfaces - Get great TASCAM sound quality in a mobile format with the new rugged US-4x4 USB 2.0 audio interface. Four HDDA high-gain mic preamps let you record up to 24-bit/96kHz into your DAW on Mac, PC, or iOS devices. Each channel has a TRS input, gain knob, and signal and peak LED indicators. Channels 1 and 2 have impedance switches for direct input of guitars and other instruments. No matter where you go with TASCAM's US-4x4 interface, the direct monitoring functionality ensures zero-latency monitoring through the onboard headphone outputs with individual level control. TASCAM US-4x4 USB 2.0 Audio Interface at a Glance:HDDA mic preamps capture detailed nuancesBuilt with mobile recording in mindIncludes DAW software optionsHDDA mic preamps capture detailed nuancesThe TASCAM US-4x4 employs a High Definition Discrete Architecture (HDDA) mic preamp design that delivers audio with extremely low self noise to capture every detail of your musical performances. Featuring four of these microphone preamplifiers, the US-4x4 is ideal for solo singer-songwriters and small ensembles, or employ the phantom power to use condensers as room mics for recording a live jam session. Each channel also features a TRS jack, so you can easily track instruments alongside your microphones. And there are mic/line/instrument level switches on the front panel for channels 1 and 2, so you can easily record a guitar or bass direct.Built with mobile recording in mindAt Sweetwater, our Sales Engineers put together recording solutions that work for you, and one of the things today's engineers and musicians need most is the ability to record wherever they want. The tough all-metal housing and reinforced ends make the US4X4 rugged enough to withstand hotel room recording sessions on the road. The sleek, angled design, keeps your levels in sight and offers easy access to gain and volume controls. It's small enough to fit in your laptop bag, but powerful enough to trust with your next masterpiece.Includes DAW software optionsThe US-4x4 comes with Cakewalk's SONAR X3 LE and Ableton Live Lite 9. A feature-rich recording software for musicians using PC-based recording, SONAR X3 LE provides a cutting-edge music production studio, giving users what they need to get started creating music on Windows PCs. Ableton Live Lite 9 puts the power of on-the-fly recording, mixing, creating, and more into your hands. Use it in the studio to lay down drum tracks and then take your US-4x4 and Ableton to the show and build a song right in front of your fans. TASCAM US-4x4 USB 2.0 Audio Interface Features:Rugged, sleek metal design for years of great-sounding mobile recording4 HDDA microphone preamplifiers with individual gain knobsx1/4 jacks on channels 1 and 2 have switchable impedance for recording guitar or bassUp to 24-bit/96kHz operation provides superior studio-quality recordingsHeadphone outputs with individual volume control provide zero-latency monitoring while you record4 balanced TRS line outputs to feed your studio monitors or other sourcesPower supply includedGet TASCAM quality and dependability with the US-4x4! USB Audio Interfaces
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Recorders - How do you improve a proven design? The feature-packed TASCAM CD-200iL CD Player/iPod Dock updates the popular CD200i with a built-in 30-pin/Lightning dock connector for audio output, transport control, and charging of your iPod. It can play CDs with MP3 or WAV content, and offers an array of analog and digital outputs, a wireless remote, and a smooth-loading CD tray. If you're looking for a CD player/iPod dock for your touring gear, studio, church, conference hall, or venue, then you need to check out the TASCAM CD-200iL CD Player/iPod Dock.TASCAM CD-200iL CD Player/iPod Dock at a Glance:Ready for iOS devicesFlexible feature setIt's a TASCAMReady for iOS devicesMusic is more readily available than ever thanks to mobile devices. TASCAM loaded the CD200iL with a dual connector docking station for iOS devices. This innovative dock sports 30-pin and Lightning connectors so you can be ready for any type of iPhone or iPod. Not only does this dock let you output audio, it also charges your device at the same time. Sweetwater knows a great value when we see one. The TASCAM CD-200iL CD Player/iPod Dock is the perfect playback solution for any mobile or installed system.Flexible feature setThe TASCAM CD-200iL CD Player/iPod Dock sports a host of cool features that you'll appreciate. You get convenient WAV or MP3 playback from CD, a 10-second shockproof memory, a stereo 1/8 aux in jack on the front panel, and even playback speed control without pitch change. A wireless remote makes it easy to stop, start, and select tracks for playback.It's a TASCAMWhatever your venue, the TASCAM CD-200iL CD Player/iPod Dock gives you pro flexibility. From broadcast studios to tour rigs, the CD-200iL delivers rock-solid performance, day-in and day-out. What else wound you expect from TASCAM? And if you're a contractor, you can't go wrong specifying this bullet-proof unit for your client's installation. TASCAM CD-200iL CD Player/iPod Dock Features:A rackmounted CD player and iPod dockLightning and 30-pin iOS dockPerfect for installations and mobile rigsTwo-rack-space compact designMultiple playback modesContinuous, single, programmed and random playbackRCA, Coaxial S/PDIF, and Optical S/PDIF outputs1/4 headphone output1/8 Aux inputWireless remote control includedAdd CD and iOS playback to your rig with the TASCAM CD-200iL CD Player/iPod Dock! Players
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