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The taylor made catalina 3.0 cart bag blk wht red is sold out or discontinued. We found 148 related products.
Acoustic Guitars - This all-gloss Taylor 412 acoustic guitar gives you a gorgeous solid Sitka spruce top and an ovangkol back and sides, providing you with a rosewood-like tone with abundant midrange, sparkling top end, and unprecedented dynamic range. On top of that, this 412's well-rounded, all-purpose tone works well for virtually any style of music and its treble-emphasized Grand Concert body style gives you excellent note definition. Take it from Sweetwater - if you're looking for a tonally-balanced acoustic guitar that's perfect for every occasion, you owe it to yourself to check out the Taylor 412.Taylor 412 6-string Acoustic Guitar at a Glance:Sitka spruce and ovangkol provide a well-rounded, all-purpose toneSuper-comfortable Grand Concert body style provides excellent tonal balanceTaylor's all-gloss finish offers protection and good looksSitka spruce and ovangkol provide a well-rounded, all-purpose toneThis Taylor 412 acoustic guitar is a prime example of the high-quality tonewoods Taylor selects for their instruments. It features time-proven Sitka spruce as its top, which gives you wonderful projection with the perfect amount of sparkle. This 412's ovangkol back and sides also give it an intensely vibrant quality that's similar to rosewood, but with a unique character all of its own. You'll find that this 412's tonewood combination goes well with most applications, so it's the ideal choice for versatile players that are looking for a well-rounded, all-purpose solid-wood acoustic guitar.Super-comfortable Grand Concert body style provides excellent tonal balanceArguably Taylor's most comfortable body style, this 412 acoustic guitar's smaller than average Grand Concert shape is the perfect fit for anyone looking for a more manageable instrument. That makes this 412 a particularly good fit if you're a fingerstylist or if you have shorter arms.Taylor's all-gloss finish offers protection and good looksThis Taylor 412 acoustic guitar's lustrous gloss finish was developed for maximum durability and resistance to cold-checking. After being sprayed with a base coat of ultraviolet-cured polyester, this guitar was sanded level then sprayed again with the same material, which was then rubbed out and buffed to perfection. Thanks to this special finish, this Taylor 412 sounds great from day one and both looks and sounds great for a lifetime.Taylor 412 6-string Acoustic Guitar Features:Sitka spruce and ovangkol provide a well-rounded, all-purpose toneEbony fingerboard provides phenomenal comfort and playabilityGrand Concert body style provides excellent tonal balanceNew fingerboard inlay provides an elegant appearanceAll-gloss finish offers protection and good looksPick up this Taylor 412 acoustic guitar and play any style of music with ease! 6-String Acoustic Guitars
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Acoustic Guitars - Pick up the Taylor Mahogany Top 320 6-string acoustic guitar, and it'll be the beginning of a lifelong love affair. Even occasional players find themselves devoting more and more time to playing their new Taylor guitars. In fact, one such part-time player, a lawyer, wrote a letter to Taylor stating that he was spending more time playing his new Taylor and less time on his law practice. If you're looking for a guitar with a big sound that you can fall in love with, the Taylor Mahogany Top 320 dreadnought is your guitar.Taylor Mahogany Top 320 6-string Acoustic Guitar at a Glance:Dreadnought body style for big, full toneSolid mahogany top, sapele back and sidesSuperb Taylor finishDreadnought body style for big, full toneA traditional shape redefined, Taylor combines classic dreadnought volume and bass response with the definitive Taylor sound: clear trebles and an open, airy midrange that Bob Taylor's signature design accentuates. Dreadnoughts respond especially well to flatpicking or light-to-heavy strumming.Solid mahogany top, sapele back and sidesThe warm yet snappy tone of sapele enhances the midrange characteristics of a solid mahogany top. The resulting combination provides full, balanced tone. It's the perfect guitar for strong, rhythmic playing styles. Superb Taylor finishThe finish used to create the Taylor Mahogany Top 320's textured satin back and sides and satin top was developed at Taylor for maximum durability and resistance to cold-checking. This ultraviolet-cured finish is also more environmentally friendly than traditional lacquer finishes.Taylor Mahogany Top 320 6-string Acoustic Guitar Features:6-string dreadnought acoustic guitar delivers huge, balanced toneTropical American mahogany top with sapele back and sidesWarm, full tone that's perfect for rhythm and mellow lead playingClassic Taylor design and buildIncludes hardshell caseThe Taylor Mahogany Top 320: a premium-quality, American-made, solid wood guitar! 6-String Acoustic Guitars
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Acoustic Guitars - There are electric guitars, and there are acoustic guitars, and then there's the Taylor T5 Standard acoustic-electric guitar. It's a little bit of both, and everything they're not all at the same time. It may very well be a new category! A Sitka spruce provides a solid acoustic tone for this hybrid guitar. Yet with a flick of the 5-way switch, your tone goes from acoustic to electric, thanks to a combination of proprietary humbucking pickups and a Dynamic Body Sensor. You'll get every guitar sound you ever need with the Taylor T5 Standard. Taylor T5 Standard Acoustic-electric Guitar at a Glance:This guitar is as acoustic and an electric5-way switching for amazingly unique soundsSleek, comfortable, and gorgeousWhether you choose a Standard or Custom model, there's a lot going on!This guitar is as acoustic and an electricThe Taylor T5 Standard allows you to get fully acoustic sounds and fully electric sounds from the same guitar. It's designed to be used with both acoustic and electric amps using a standard guitar cable or a balanced cable. No more lugging extra gear or switching guitars for songs, this premium axe does it all.5-way switching for amazingly unique soundsThe Taylor T5 Standard features a whole new generation of electronics. Tones are selected via the easy access 5-way switch located on the side of the guitar. Two pickups - a concealed neck humbucker and a visible bridge humbucker - produce a truly impressive range of electric guitar tone, while the an acoustic body sensor system delivers breathtaking acoustic sounds. Inspired by the research on the Expression System, the T5 body sensors are overwound to produce the sparkling highs and shimmer for the most acoustic-like switch position. The T5 Standard's preamp was designed to deliver a wide range of tones in every switch position. Controls include Volume, Bass and Treble.Sleek, comfortable, and gorgeousInspired by the Taylor Grand Auditorium silhouette, the T5 Standard features a sleek and comfortable-to-hold carved hollowbody of sapele with a premium Sitka spruce top, and a svelte mahogany neck. A shortened scale length ensures a fingerboard that is endlessly pleasurable to play with either electric or acoustic strings. Like all Taylor guitars, a custom-voiced soundboard is the heart of the T5 tone. Finally, sexy and stylized f-holes command the eye and enhance the resonance of the T5 body chamber, allowing the top to breathe and capture the dynamics of a player's performance.Taylor T5 Standard Acoustic-electric Guitar Features:Semi-hollowbody acoustic-electric guitar that delivers acoustic and electric tonesPremium Sitka spruce top looks good and delivers authentic acoustic tonesCompact body will feel comfortable for solidbody electric playersHollowbody design with active soundboard for natural acoustic toneSapele back and neckEbony fretboard and bridgeTaylor T5 electronics deliver a wide range of tonesIncludes Taylor T5 HardshellTaylor T5 Standard - Acoustic and electric tones from a single guitar! Acoustic / Electric Guitars
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Acoustic Guitars - Looking for Taylor quality in a small-sized guitar? The Taylor GS Mini Mahogany Top acoustic guitar gives you Taylor construction and sound in a compact package. Modeled after the popular Grand Symphony body style, the GS Mini is a portable guitar that will amaze you with its big sound. Typically we expect small sounds from small guitars, but thanks to the luthiers at Taylor the GS Mini Mahogany Top bucks that trend. The mahogany top, sapele back and sides, and ebony fingerboard give the GS Mini a rich and full sound you will love. If you are looking for a compact guitar with great sound, the Taylor GS Mini Mahogany Top acoustic guitar is for you.Taylor GS Mini Mahogany Top Acoustic Guitar At a Glance:Ultra-portable acousticSmall in stature, but big in soundQuality construction and materialsUltra-portable acousticTaylor's award-winning GS Mini series is a scaled-down version of their ever-popular Grand Symphony guitar shape. With a total length of just over 36, the GS Mini Mahogany Top guitar you can easily easily pack it in any vehicle, haul it on the subway, or even in overhead compartments on planes. Perfect for camping, festivals, or even hauling long distances, the GS Mini is a compact guitar with big tone that can go everywhere you go.Small in stature, but big in soundEven with its diminutive size the Taylor GS Mini Mahogany Top guitar has a big sound. To put it simply, it is a cannon. You'll be surprised at how big and full the GS Mini sounds. Think of the GS mini as a modern-day parlor guitar, the perfect size to make it easy to haul around, but still with a rich, full sound.Quality construction and materialsTaylor has a reputation for quality guitars and materials and the GS Mini Mahogany Top is no exception. This model features a tropical mahogany top and layered sapele back and sides. Both woods are durable and produce great tone. The mahogany top is not as bright as a spruce top but has a full, rich sound with a little extra punch. The layered sapele back and sides of the GS Mini Mahogany Top deliver a great rich tone while adding durability and stability to the guitar. The ebony fretboard and bridge offer great tone and even more stability to this amazing little guitar.Taylor GS Mini Mahogany Top Acoustic Guitar Features:Tropical mahogany topLayered sapele back and sidesEbony fretboard and bridgeShort 23.5 scale lengthScaled-down Grand Symphony guitar with big soundAdd a compact and great sounding acoustic guitar to your collection with the Taylor GS Mini Mahogany Top. 6-String Acoustic Guitars
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Acoustic Guitars - The Taylor K26ce Grand Symphony acoustic-electric guitar brings the great sound of koa back to the Taylor line! This jumbo-style guitar features a single cutaway, with beautiful and amazing-sounding Hawaiian Koa wood making up its top, back and sides. This gorgeous wood is accentuated by tasteful binding and appointments. The Grand Symphony body style give you big low end, healthy volume whether picked or strummed, and articulation with a light attack. The K26ce's mahogany neck is topped with a quality ebony fingerboard. You'll love the excellent projection you get out of the great-playing Taylor K26ce.Taylor K26ce Grand Symphony acoustic-electric Guitar with Cutaway Features at a Glance:The wonderful look and sound of KoaGrand Symphony body style: huge, balanced tone with articulationRenowned Taylor Expression System electronicsThe wonderful look and sound of KoaKoa is a treasured tonewood - and it's only found on the Hawaiian islands. In Hawaiian, Koa means bold, surely describing this wood's gorgeous, curly grain and figuring - and now its rich, acoustic tone. Koa is prized for its combination of warm tone and beautiful looks. The Taylor K26ce looks as good as it sounds!Grand Symphony body style: huge, balanced tone with articulationBob Taylor developed the Grand Symphony body style to push the sonic envelope (yet again). Deeper, fuller, and louder than a Grand Auditorium - or a Dreadnought, for that matter - the GS serves up sonorous, piano-esque lows, solid midrange, and confident treble. Whether strummed or flatpicked, the Taylor K26ce gives your notes articulation - even with a light attack. The Grand Symphony is a body style that means it.Renowned Taylor Expression System electronicsDesigned to faithfully reproduce your guitar's native tone, the Taylor K26ce's Expression System uses patented Dynamic Sensors to capture both top and string vibration with incredible detail. The Taylor ES system was created in partnership with renowned audio pioneer Rupert Neve. Unlike standard onboard electronics, the Taylor Expression System is seamlessly integrated into the design of the K26ce from the ground up. Onboard tone controls provide added flavor, or can be set flat for an uncolored, exceptionally clean amplified sound.Taylor K26ce Grand Symphony acoustic-electric Guitar with Cutaway Features:Grand Symphony acoustic guitar with huge tone - Left-handed modelSelect Koa woods give a rich, warm toneStage ready with built-in Expression System electronicsComfortable mahogany neck with ebony fretboard for effortless playabilityGraceful Venetian cutaway gives you easy access to upper fretsTaylor deluxe hardshell case includedThe Taylor K26ce: great sound and stunning visuals from a koa masterpiece! Left-handed Acoustic Guitars
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