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The thq dance paradise entertainment game multiplayer video box mode supports for xbox 360 is sold out or discontinued. We found 45 related products.
Five years have passed since your former Saints crew betrayed you. As you awake from a coma for the first time since that fateful day, you find the Stilwater you once ruled is in disarray. Unfamiliar gangs have laid claim to your territory, rival factions have taken over your rackets, and cash-hungry corporations have laid waste to your once proud 3rd Street home. Abandoned and left scarred with an unrecognizable face, you seek out a plastic surgeon to begin your new life on the streets of Stilwater. Product Information Software Main Type: Game Software Sub Type: Action/Adventure Game Software Name: Saints Row 2 Features: Reclaim Your Turf: Rebuild the Saints and seek revenge against rivals to reestablish your crew as the rightful kings of Stilwater. Make Your Mark: Customize your crib, recruit your gang, and set your swagger using countless combinations of character configuration. Demand Your Respect: Protect yourself with human shields, throw rivals into oncoming traffic and zero-in your nut-shot using all-new Fine Aim controls. Jack Your Ride: Build your empire with private jets, speedboats, and helicopters or strafe the hood of your rival's monster truck from the comfort of your fighter plane. Own Your Hood: Discover both the familiar and strange in a revitalized Stilwater as you taunt, mug and streak your way through the city. Grab Your Piece: Send a message to your enemies using an arsenal of rocket launchers, shock-paddles, stun-guns, and satchel-charges. Online: Complete the campaign in two-player co-op, or multiply the mayhem with online open-world gameplay. ESRB Rating: M (Mature 17+) Platform Supported: PC Miscellaneous Additional Information: Rating Descriptor: Blood and Gore Intense Violence Sexual Content Strong Language Use of Drugs
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