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The tour backdraft putter right 1 34 inch is sold out or discontinued. We found 1500 related products.
FreeMotion Tour De France Bike Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned cyclist, the new Tour de France Indoor Cycle brings an authentic, engaging cycling experience designed to train your body for life and sport. The maintenance-free Gates Carbon Drive™ system combines the quiet, smooth ride of a belt drive with power and efficiency of a chain drive. Incline and decline adjustments allow you to truly replicate the fluctuating terrain of an outdoor ride. The full-color touch screen allows you to monitor your workout stats with the swipe of a finger while built-in *iFit® technology and Google Maps™ allows you to ride anywhere in the world. Seamlessly take your outdoors cycling experience indoors with the FreeMotion Tour de France bike. Innovative Design The Tour de France bike is designed to accommodate a wide variety of users. The saddle and handlebars feature patented adjustment knobs that allow the user make horizontal and vertical adjustments for proper road geometry. Touch Screen Console Featuring iFit® and Google Maps™ The high-resolution touch screen console gives riders multiple screen options. iFit® enables riders to upload and track their personal workout data, and Google Maps™ provides an endless supply of real-time, interactive rides to keep you engaged and excited for their next adventure. Incline/Decline Equipped with a motorized terrain-replicating feature controlled by built-in video workouts, the Tour de France bike seamlessly declines and inclines from -10% to +20% as the ride topography changes. Eddy Current Magnetic Resistance Eddy current magnets provide smooth, adequate resistance to match the steepest of hills. Nothing touches the flywheel so the system is maintenance free and without need for replacement parts. Gates Carbon Drive™ System This maintenance-free carbon drive system delivers the quiet, smooth ride of a belt drive but with the strength and efficiency of a chain drive. The combination of a 5:1 gear ration, perimeter-weighted flywheel, and freewheel feature give the Tour de France bike the smoothest, most realistic outdoor-bike feel. Outdoor Ride Feel The Tour de France bike features drop handlebars for multiple hand positions, dual-sided pedals, and an ergonomic gear shifting system that allows riders to adjust to every incline, decline and resistance level. Ease of Maintenance The Tour de France bike is one of the most maintenance friendly bikes on the market. This bike was built to sweat on. The maintenance-free magnetic resistance system, carbon belt, rust-resistant aluminum frames and hidden stainless steel hardware make the bike easy to maintain without the time and expense of replacement parts. Watts Measurement Now you can track your training intensity like the pros and fine-tune your power output for a better benchmark performance. The built-in power meter displays power output (watts) for the purest indication of your cycling performance. The FreeMotion Tour de France bike individually calibrates the power display for precision readouts. Dual-Sided Pedals with Spd Compatible with the majority of cycling-appropriate shoes, these dual-sided pedals accommodate both high-performance Spd cleats and traditional fitness shoes. Lightweight, Aluminum Frame Resistant to rust, this lightweight aluminum frame is maintenance friendly and easy to move between classes. All hardware is hidden stainless steel to further prevent rust from salty conditions. *iFit Membership Sold Separately.  
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ProForm Tour De France Bike - Generation 2 Get the experience of riding outside without leaving the comfort of your own home. You draw the route-anywhere in the world-and iFit Live™ Technology Powered by Google Maps™ automatically downloads the map to your console. What you see is exactly what you feel-every hill, every flat and every decline. This versatile Indoor Cycle delivers more options for a greater benchmark performance. With 24 Digital Gear Controls you can personalize any workout. Interactive Incline and Decline Controls allow your bike to follow the road. Intelligent Wind Resistance factors in your height and weight for a calculated drive. Train like a Pro with Le Tour de France Indoor Cycle.   ProForm iFit Bike Generation 2 Features Include: Handlebar Shifters Upgraded Console with Power Meter Adjustable Saddle      Ride Anywhere in the World with Google Maps™ iFit Live™ Technology Built-In   With the iFit Live™ Technology Powered by Google Maps™ you can ride anywhere in the world! Choose from 24 pre-mapped courses or create your own. Ride over the Passage du Gois or climb the hills of Mont des Alouettes in France. Now you can experience these same trails and more on this Indoor Cycle. With iFit Live™ Technology you can ride where the Pro's do. The world is at your fingertips. Map any route and enjoy the ride! Google and Google Maps are registered trademarks of Google, Inc.              Handlebar Shifters     You can now conveniently alternate gears just like you would on your road bike with the new Handlebar Shifters! Right and left Handlebar Shifters simulate front and rear sprockets just like your road bike. Introducing the new and improved Handlebar Shifters that simulate the same resistance change you would feel on your road bike. They are better than ever with convenient placement on the handlebars so you can stay focused on your ride without disrupting your workout each time you change your resistance. Our innovative engineers have designed the gear resistance to match that of your road bike—the left shifter adjusts resistance in the front sprockets while the right shifter adjusts resistance in the rear sprockets. With 24 different resistance levels you can adjust your ride by the slightest amount possible on an indoor cycle and develop more cardiovascular strength.            It Does What the Street Does -20 - 20% Digital Incline and Decline Controls     Introducing incline and decline that matches the street. Now, you can experience any route around the world and the ProForm Le Tour de France Indoor Bike automatically adjusts the incline and decline to simulate the terrain. No matter the route, no matter the map, your bike moves to follow the road. So, you get a realistic workout-just as if you were outside-but without the traffic, potholes and weather. Now you can have the perfect day on your road bike every day of the year with the ProForm Le Tour de France Indoor Bike.                Intelligent Wind Resistance For a More Personalized Experience       Any indoor bike can give you resistance-but only Le Tour de France Indoor Cycle can give you Intelligent Wind Resistance. Intelligent Wind Resistance automatically adjusts the resistance of your bike based on your wind profile. ProForm smart technology calculates your height and weight to apply the natural resistance you would get out on the road. A climb in your basement is exactly like a climb outside.                    What the pros are saying        
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