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PA Speakers - This is the mesh protective cover for the system that offers storage pockets and access to controls when the PA is powered on.Galaxy's Traveler is an AC/battery operated portable PA system with a plug in modular design that's great for businesses, houses of worship, singer-songwriters, and coffee shop-like settings. You can easily add and remove modules to achieve the kind of setup you need, letting your PA system grow as your needs grow. Optional modules include wireless mic receivers, a CD/MP3 player, an audio link module that can wirelessly transmit the audio mix to any number of satellite Travelers, and more. If you want a versatile, portable, all-in-one PA, look no further than the Galaxy Traveler!Galaxy Traveler Portable PA System at a Glance:Modular design lets you create and expand the PA system to fit your needsLightweight, and can be powered by battery for performances anywhere, any timeAffordable wireless option for further flexibilityFor larger events, you can transmit signal wirelessly to other Traveler systemsModular, expandable designOne of the Galaxy Traveler system's greatest advantages is that you can customize it to fit your needs. Plus, it's really easy to do because each module is internally wired so there's no external patching necessary. The Traveler system comes standard with a mic input and a dual RCA input, as well as a two-band EQ that's on the back of the main speaker, powered by the built-in 50-watt amplifier. Ready for expansion, an additional speaker output is also included so you can power another speaker when you need even more sound. As you customize the system, the optional modules include a wireless mic receiver (with handheld, headset, and lapel options), a CD/MP3 player, an echo/delay unit, as well as an Audio Link Module that can actually transmit the entire audio mix from one Traveler to any number of satellite travelers, so your system can be as big as you need it to be.Ultra-portableWhether it's an outdoor event, an impromptu meeting, or just the security of having a back up if you suddenly lose power, the lightweight Galaxy Traveler can operate solely off of its internal battery for more than six hours. A full battery recharge only takes four hours, and you'll automatically be recharging your battery as you operate on AC. In the event of a power failure, or if someone accidentally hits the wrong switch, the Traveler seamlessly switches over to battery power so the show can go on!Go wireless without breaking your budgetGreat for presentations and guest speakers at corporate events, house of worship sermons, and small performances, the Galaxy Traveler system offers incredibly affordable wireless options. You'll enjoy the freedom and professionalism of having a handheld, headset, or wireless lapel mic, that gives you and other speakers and performers more flexibility. You can focus on your presentation without being tethered to your PA system, and without worrying about tripping over cable mess. For larger events, you can transmit your signal to other Traveler systemsWhile it's awesome that the Galaxy Traveler can accommodate a wireless mic setup, the Traveler's innovative design doesn't stop there. Maybe at your business, or house of worship, you'll need a couple of Traveler systems for different rooms and applications, yet you have larger events a few times a year that require more sound projected in a larger area. Instead of spending a ton of money buying or renting a larger system, you can quickly and easily use your Traveler ystems in tandem, wirelessly sending the audio signal to any number of Travelers within proximity.Galaxy Traveler Portable PA System Features:2 inputs (XLR/1/4 combo w/ volume control and a dual RCA)2-band EQMaster VolumeDual RCA Line Out1/4 Speaker Output to power an additional speakerStandard system features an 8 woofer, 1 horn, 50-watt amplifierAdd-on modules including wireless mic receivers, CD/MP3 player, Echo/delay unity, and Audio Li
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