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Ty Beanie Boo\'s Standard / RegularThe Ty Beanie Boo\'s Standard / Regular are cute and furry little friends! Each Beanie Boo is so soft and has individual characteristics and colors distinguishing it from all the rest. They have big, bright, and colorful eyes, plus they are available in several species, so you can collect them all!Features:Each Beanie Boo includes a heart-shaped Ty tag with saying on the inside and birth datePart of the Ty Beanie Boo CollectionEach Beanie Boo Measures Approximately 5-6 in.Beanie Boo\'s:Pinky: Pink Barn Owl, Birthday is August 14; If you look up in the night sky / You just may see me flying by!Swoops: Brown Barn Owl, Birthday is September 12; My big eyes can see at night / So I can fly around by the moonlight!Zippy: Green Turtle, Birthday is May 6; I like to swim in the sea for fun / And then I rest on the beach in the sun!Pepper: Black and White Cat, Birthday is October 8; I sometimes climb up in a tree / But climbing down is hard for me!Sparkles: Pink Sparkle Dolphin, Birthday is November 29; I am a dolphin can\'t you see / Jump in the water and swim with me.Twigs: Pink Giraffe, Birthday is September 4; I am friendly, tall and sweet / Eating leaves is my favorite treat!Icicles: Blue Owl, Birthday is December 12; Winter is a chilly flight for me / To warm up I hide in the trunk of a tree.Neptune: Blue Sparkle Seahorse, Birthday is May 18; Will you come swim with me / Deep down under the sea?Slowpoke: Purple Turtle, Birthday is August 18; I walk with style and grace / At a very very slow pace!Flips: Purple Dolphin, Birthday is March 25; I\'m the smartest in the sea / So learning tricks comes naturally!Ice-Cube: Blue Penguin, Birthday is February 11; I shuffle through the Arctic snow / Then slip on ice and away I go!Duke: Brown and White Dog, Birthday is May 20; Running makes me a happy dog / So take me with you when you jog.Magic: Pink Unicorn, Birthday is September 20; Everyone loves my pretty pink fur / And casting spells is fun for sure!Speckles: Green Frog, Birthday is May 1; Give me a bug / And I\'ll give you a hug.Ruby: Red Monkey, Birthday is August 23; I swing the trees / As much as I please.Legs: Pink and Purple Octopus, Birthday is October 17; I swim down to take a peep / At ocean treasures buried deep!Shelby: Pink Sea Turtle, Birthday is February 21; I\'m the prettiest turtle in the sea / My pink shell looks good on me!Owliver: Camouflage Owl, Birthday is July 10; Over the trees and out of sight / Owls take flight at mid nightTabitha: Tabby Cat, Birthday is December 17; I can be your fluffy cat / Cause I\'m so pretty just to look at.Spells: Snow Owl, Birthday is July 31; My feathers are a snowy white / They look so good when I take flight!Leona: Blue Leopard, Birthday is November 18; For I am the prettiest cat / With bright green eyes and spots to match!Pokey: Yellow Turtle, Birthday is May 25; I like to swim around the sea / The coral reef is home to me!Rocco: Pink and Grey Raccoon, Birthday is February 27; I like the night more than the day / So we\'ll have fun in wacky ways!Fetch: Dalmatian Dog, Birthday is August 23; To run and jump is always fun / At catching frisbees I\'m #1!Ellie: Pink Speckled Elephant, Birthday is August 27; When I stomp across the ground / It makes a great big sound!Halo: White Bear, Birthday is June 19; When you sleep I\'m always here / Don\'t be afraid, I am near / Watching over you with lots of love / Your guardian angel from up above!Glamour: Leopard, Birthday is May 5; There are no better colors than purple and pink / They make me so pretty I surely think!Peanuts: Elephant, Birthday is March 22; Some people think I\'m a little bit small / But one day soon I\'ll be strong and tall!Waddles: Penguin, Birthday is May 11; When I swim, I go really fast / But when I run, I\'m usually last!Wishful: Unicorn, Birthday is November 10; The best part of being a unicorn / Is giving wishes with my magical horn!Coconut: Mo
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