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Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (Sony Playstation 3, 2007)

Move over, Indiana Jones. Step aside, Lara Croft. Video gaming has a new adventurer in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. Trapped on a tropical island crawling with pirates, treasure hunter Nathan Drake seeks out the legendary fortune of his apparent ancestor, Sir Francis Drake. He'll explore ancient forts, lush jungles, mysterious catacombs, and other exotic areas, using a combination of firearms and hand-to-hand combat to defeat enemies. A female filmmaker named Elena Fisher accompanies Drake to document his latest exploits.<br><br>As with more famous video game heroes, Drake is no slouch when it comes to feats of agility, from swinging on vines to leaping over rocks to shimmying across precarious ledges. He must also seek out and use cover to protect himself from enemy gunfire. Dramatic chase sequences on watercraft and in a jeep are included for a cinematic feel, and over 50 minutes of cut-scenes help flesh out the swashbuckling story. Drake's Fortune is developer Naughty Dog's (Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter) first foray on PlayStation 3.

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (Sony Playstation 3, 2007)

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Product Reviews

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pros: Great story, great graphics, cool theme song.

cons: I've got nothing!

Uncharted - One Great Game!

Uncharted: Drake&#39;s Fortune is probably still, to date, my favorite game. I have beaten it at least 8... See Full Review



pros: Action-oriented gameplay with breezy climbing and good combat

cons: Not as good as the sequel for certain, why is everything green

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

This is a fun but slightly flawed game that seems very ambitious in some areas but lacking in others... See Full Review



pros: Visuals, voice acting, some other nice elements

cons: Combat engine is the biggest issue

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - Nate's somewhat unimpressive first outing.

An adventurer and treasure hunter by the name of Nathan Drake is after the lost treasure El Dorado w... See Full Review



pros: Amazing story, great graphics, easy to learn gameplay.

cons: SIXAXIS grenade throwing may be frustrating for some.

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Review

The Uncharted series holds a special place in my heart. I can still recall playing the demo of Uncha... See Full Review



pros: great graphics, amazing music, amazing story and gameplay along with amazing characters and voice acting.

cons: The control can be frustrating for jumping and it's a little short depending on difficulty.

This is awesome

Uncharted: Drakes Fortune is the first PS3 game I&#39;ve ever owned and at first I wasn&#39;t expecting much... See Full Review



pros: Great platforming/action elements, Adventure!, fun story, quality

cons: A tad bit too short, hand-to-hand combat

A Fun Adventure Game for the Playstation 3: Uncharted!

When I purchased the Playstation 3 the one game I bought it for was Uncharted: Drake&#8217;s Fortune... See Full Review



pros: fun platform/shooting gameplay, exciting story, superb voice acting, visually stunning

cons: melee combat, aiming reticule, short and linear

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - Hope you're not afraid of heights

It&#8217;s pretty easy to see why Uncharted: Drake&#8217;s Fortune was Playstation 3&#8217;s 2007 Ga... See Full Review



pros: Great movie-like production values from the music, graphics to the voice acting.

cons: vehicle control was spotty and sometimes where to go wasn't too clear

A great movie-like adventure!

I was a *bit* late to the party with Uncharted: Drake&#39;s Fortune. This came out for the PS3 a few yea... See Full Review



pros: A beautiful environmental game and platformer

cons: None

A brilliant adventure!

Its official, in terms of quality at the moment, Nathan Drake easily beats Lara Croft in terms of qu... See Full Review



pros: Beautiful graphics. Variety of game play (combat, puzzles, etc.) You can manually save the game!

cons: Treasures are hard to find.

I Finally Completed A PS3 Game!!

Okay, so I am not a big gamer as you can tell by my title. I am more of a casual gamer.... See Full Review

Product Details

Tech Details
Game Special Features <li>Use the motion-sensing Sixaxis controller to throw grenades, balance while walking across logs, and more<br/><br/><li>Master the game's cover mechanic to protect yourself from incoming gunfire<br/><br/><li>Collect bonus-unlocking medals by finding secrets and performing specific achievements<br/><br/>
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1
Release Year 2007
Game Series Uncharted Series
ESRB Descriptor Violence
Key Features
Rating T - Teen
Genre Action, Adventure
Platform Sony Playstation 3
Product Identifiers
UPC 799007821762
Game Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Other Features
Brand Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc.