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Vicks V5100N Humidifier

Healthier living is here to stay. The Vicks Ultrasonic Humidifier produces a superfine, cool mist to restore moisture to dry indoor air for easier breathing and a good night's sleep. Perfect for your child's room to alleviate congestion caused by colds and flu, its features include variable mist control and directional mist outlet, plus up to 20 hours of operation per filling. Whisper-quiet function reduces static electricity throughout your home without anyone knowing it's on.

Vicks V5100N Humidifier

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Product Reviews

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pros: I really liked the cool mist, as it helped with my sinuses

cons: to much white dust

good but with unseen problems

I bought my vicks cool mist jan 1, 2008 and today is jan 31, 2008. I love my cool mist. my sinus pro... See Full Review



pros: Very quiet, can direct mist direction

cons: Both units failed within one week.

Bought two; both failed within one week

I bought one of these Vick's humidifiers. It worked great for about 1 week. Then one day I noticed i... See Full Review



pros: Cool mist; ultra-quiet; visible mist; easy to fill and clean

cons: Cannot be used with vapors; expensive

The fourth humidifier has done the trick!

Well, after THREE trips to Target to return either defective or uneffective humidifiers, I am please... See Full Review



pros: Quiet, stylish, efficient

cons: Pricey if you buy it at the wrong place

This unit can be pricey but does the job

I needed a unit to humidify the air and I needed it in a hurry. No time to comparison shop, so I got... See Full Review

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UPC 328785251005
Product ID 29105348
Key Features
Tank Run Time 20 Hours
Quiet Operation With Quiet Operation
Humidity Control Manual
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