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Everyone needs vitamin C. Are you getting yours? Don't like to swallow pills?This product is an easy, economical and pleasant way to get your daily vitamin C along with important bone and nerve minerals. Vitamin C: Is a valuable antioxidant Supports healthy aging* Promotes healthy skin and gums * Supports healthy circulation* Supports a normal immune response* Supports lung health* Reduces allergic response* Is a required nutrient Hypoallergenic, mildly effervescent, this product provides over 2000 mg (2 grams) of pure vitamin C powder in each serving, buffered with carbonate forms of calcium, magnesium and potassium. Unsweetened, it easily mixes with water or any beverage. The buffering effect of the minerals allows for greater intake of vitamin C with less risk of stomach upset and helps manage acidity that can occur in some individuals. Enhanced absorption of the calcium and magnesium is another bonus. What is vitamin C? Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin that is required in the diet. Humans cannot make it and do not store it and it must be consumed on a regular basis for optimal health. Cooking and exposure to light destroys vitamin C in foods.* Many health professionals believe North Americans are consuming far too little. Diets consisting primarily of packaged, preserved and canned foods tend to be low in vitamin C.* Fatigue and decline in mental performance are associated with inadequate vitamin C intake.* Why is vitamin C important? Vitamin C is best known as an antioxidant. It promotes proper function of cells throughout the body, and reduces cellular damage from free radicals.* Reducing oxidative (free radical) damage supports healthy aging. Oxidative damage alone is associated with increased risk for many health conditions: the heart, brain, eyes, blood vessels, bones and joints are all impacted from oxidative damage. Some scientists believe oxidative damage is the first step to declining health.* Smoking increases oxidative damage and destroys vitamin C.* Vitamin C plays an important role in healthy immune function.* Vitamin C is involved with the metabolism of several vitamins, some hormones, carbohydrates and fats and enhances iron absorption. The calcium, magnesium and potassium in this product are valuable minerals. They support healthy nerve function, promote strong bones, muscle relaxation and normal fluid balance. Despite all the media attention, many Americans still do not get enough calcium, and magnesium is known to be void in many diets.* This product is an efficient source of vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and potassium. Recommended Dosage: 2084 — Add 1 level scoop to 4-6 ounces of water and stir lightly to dissolve.
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Vitamin Research Products
Extend Plus 360 Capsules. Providing 2 grams of vitamin C 400 IU of natural vitamin E and generous amounts of B complex vitamins Extend Plus features a 1:1 ratio of calcium and magnesium essential trace minerals and our vegetarian enzyme blend for enhanced absorption. This complete formula includes three forms of vitamin K active folic acid as MTHF and added resveratrol benfotiamine and green tea.These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not meant to diagnose treat or cure any disease or medical condition. Please consult your doctor before starting any exercise or nutritional supplement program or before using these or any product during pregnancy or if you have a serious medical condition. Ingredients: Serving Size: 6 Capsules Servings Per Container: 60Amount Per Serving / % Daily ValueVitamin A (as natural beta carotene retinyl palmitate) 4000 IU / 80%Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid ascorbyl palmitate)1 g / 1667%Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) 500 IU / 125%Vitamin E (as d-alpha tocopheryl succinate mixed tocopherols) 200 IU / 667%Vitamin K (K1 as phytonadione K2 as MK-4 and MK-7)75 mcg / 94%Thiamin (vitamin B1 as thiamine HCl benfotiamine) 65 mg / 4333%Riboflavin (vitamin B2) 37.5 mg / 2206%Niacin (vitamin B3 as inositol hexanicotinate niacinamide) 150 mg /750%Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine HCl pyridoxal-5-phosphate) 50 mg / 2500%Folic Acid (as 5-methyltetrahydrofolate) 200 mcg / 50%Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin) 250 mcg / 4167%Biotin375 mcg / 125%Pantothenic Acid (vitamin B5 as calcium pantothenate)250 mg / 2500%Calcium (as dicalcium malate calcium citrate calcium pantothenate) 200 mg / 20%Iodine (as potassium iodide) 75 mcg / 50%Magnesium (as magnesium aspartate magnesium citrate) 200 mg /50%Zinc (as zinc amino acid chelate) 7.5 mg / 50%Selenium (as methylselenocysteine)100 mcg / 143%Copper (as copper amino acid chelate) 0.5 mg / 25%Manganese (as manganese amino acid chelate) 1.25 mg / 63%Chromium (as chromium picolinate (Chromax)) 100 mcg / 83%Molybdenum (as molybdenum amino acid chelate) 50 mcg / 67%Potassium (as potassium chloride potassium iodide) 50 mg / 1%N-Acetyl Cysteine200 mg / *Rutin100 mg / *Citrus Bioflavonoids 50 mg / *Acetyl L-Carnitine HCl 50 mg / *Alpha Lipoic Acid25 mg / *Quercetin 25 mg / *Gamma Oryzanol7.5 mg / *Lutein 1.5 mg / *Lycopene 1.5 mg / *Proprietary Blend:Choline dihydrogen citrate inositol inositol hexanicotinate green tea leaf extract (50% EGCG) digestive enzymes (vegetarian source amylase protease lactase lipase and cellulase) Japanese knotweed root extract (50% trans-resveratrol) silica (from bamboo stem extract) boron citrate complex and vanadyl sulfate. 369 mg / **Daily Value not established.Other Ingredients: Hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose (vegetarian capsule). Dosage: Take six capsules two times per day with meals.
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Research indicates vitamin K: Supports healthy blood clotting* Promotes heart health* Provides essential nutrition* Our Vitamin K combines vitamin K1 (phytonadione) and vitamin K2 (menatetrenone). Formulated to support healthy vitamin K levels.* About vitamin K Vitamin K is an essential nutrient in the group of fat-soluble vitamins. Several forms of vitamin K exist. Vitamin K1 and K2 are co-factors, meaning they 'facilitate' metabolic processes. In addition to healthy blood coagulation, newer research indicates bone, blood vessel and immune health are associated with vitamin K levels in men and women. Healthy bones and circulation influence quality of life and longevity.* Vitamin K1 is found in plant foods (e.g. spinach, broccoli) and functions primarily in the liver, where it is involved with blood coagulation, or clotting. For example, when someone cuts themselves (e.g. shaving), vitamin K1 is involved with the metabolic response that stops the bleeding. Vitamin K1 levels are also associated with healthy vascular function and heart health.* Vitamin K2 is found in animal foods, primarily dairy sources. Vitamin K2 functions in the liver and other tissues. Vitamin K2 promotes strong bones and overall bone health as well as healthy vascular and immune function in the young and elderly.* We offer 1.5 mg of vitamin K in vegetarian capsules. Recommended Dosage: 1091 — Take one capsule up to two times per day with meals. Cautions:Do not take this product if you are taking “blood thinners” such as Coumadin. If you are under a physician's care or taking medication, if you are pregnant or nursing, or if you are taking oral contraceptives, consult your healthcare professional before using this product.
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Vitamin Research Products
Pioneer Vitamin C Complex 500 mg. - 180 Vegetarian Capsules Pioneer Vitamin C Complex 500 mg. is eight highly absorbable sources of Vitamin C including 5 naturally buffered mineral chelates, Ayurvedic Amla, the richest natural source of Vitamin C, and fat-soluble Ascorbyl Palmitate, plus quality bioflavonoids from whole lemon fruit. With EIGHT superior forms of vitamin C plus high quality citrus bioflavonoids, PIONEER Vitamin C Complex is perhaps the most comprehensive vitamin C formula ever devised. Most animals on earth are able to synthesize their own supply of vitamin C, but humans must rely on dietary sources to obtain this key nutrient. An important antioxidant in lung and other tissues, vitamin C is required for a host of biochemical activities including collagen synthesis and wound healing. Consider these Pioneer Advantages: Eight Sources to Maximize Bioavailability.  In the natural world, vitamin C is found in many different forms, always accompanied by other compounds. While we can't reinvent nature's simple elegance, PIONEER Vitamin C Complex comes close by providing eight different forms and sources of vitamin C. These include five chelated mineral ascorbates, fat-soluble ascorbyl palmitate, Amla (Indian Gooseberry) and free form L-ascorbic acid. Each form respects the natural metabolism of the body. Combined in a dietary supplement, they mirror, as much as possible, the broad array of natural vitamin C forms. Researched Forms. Every year, clinical journals publish hundreds of scientific studies examining the role of vitamin C in humans. Nearly all of this research suggests the powerful therapeutic effects of vitamin C, using the same forms found in PIONEER Vitamin C Complex. Mineral Polyascorbates For Better Absorption.  Chelated mineral ascorbates (polysorbates) are produced through a natural water-reaction process using pure, USP-grade ascorbic acid and minerals.
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