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The volkl kendo ski one color 184cm is sold out or discontinued. We found 663 related products.
2013 Volkl V-Werks Katana Skis - Völkl Big Mountain Skis The 2014 Volkl Katana skis are the World's most technically advanced big mountain ski. Völkl extends its V-WERKS technology with the new, super-premium V-WERKS Katana. Lightweight technology reduces weight by 15 percent, while enhancing performance through a unique combination of carbon fiber layers and vertical sidewalls. With an incredibly thin profile and featherlight swing weight, the V-WERKS Katana moves effortlessly through soft snow, while the innovative construction provides stability and edge grip. Also available are custom, pre-cut climbing skins. Skill Level: The Volkl V-Werks Katana is recommended for advanced/expert level skiers. Conditions: The 2014 Volkl Mantra skis exceptional well on off-piste terrain, rated at 20% groomed and 80% powder. Construction: The Volkl Katana uses a Power Construction that's Völkl’s longest-running construction, Power Construction utilizes traditional vertical sidewalls and a torsion box internal layup. Used in racing skis as well as all the freeskiing models, this versatile, proven construction provides tremendous grip, stability, and a smooth ride. Design: The 2014 Volkl V Werks Katana employs a Full Rocker design which is Extended Low Profile (ELP) gives the skier all the benefits of added maneuverability in soft snow while also delivering smooth, graceful arcs on groomed terrain. How? By matching the flex and sidecut with the full rocker (long, gradual bend from tip to tail) profile, the skier gains full, uninterrupted edge contact. The more you put the ski on edge, the more effective the edge becomes. The resulting smoothness and predictability is truly uncanny. Extra Info: Style Number - 113320
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The Volkl One Women's ski is the smallest, tamest ski in Volkl's women's freeride line, but that's a little like saying This sabre-tooth tiger is the cutest, friendliest kitty we have at the animal shelter. Although it's not the biggest pow tool out there, the One still checks in with a 116mm waist that's plenty wide enough to slay all but the snorkeliest powder days, and has a 23. 5m turning radius in the 176cm version, so you can really open it up on big, fast faces. It's fully rockered too, so you'll be able to slide, smear, and surf turns through all the deep stuff, and has a tapered tip that eases turn initiation and makes it easier to throw your skis sideways for permagrin-inducing powerslides and giant slash turns. Don't let all this powder fun make you forget that the One is still a Volkl, after all, which means tough construction and surprising frontside abilities. Like most of Volkl's freeride skis, the One has a multi-layer wood core, with ash underfoot to provide stiffness and binding retention, and poplar in the tip and tail for a lively, buttery-smooth ride and low weight. The Power/Tough Box torsion-box construction provides plenty of strength when you're torquing the ski into high-G turns, and the fiberglass-and-composite laminate gives you the strength to charge and stomp without making the One feel like a straight-lining two-by-four. As a powder-hungry everyday west-coat ski or the fat end of an east-coast quiver, the One is, well, the one.
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