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The volkl men s ledge freestyle twin tip skis 12 flat 169 cm is sold out or discontinued. We found 452 related products.
Built large for epic days of deep powder, the Völkl Two skis feature huge 124mm waists, full rocker and a tapered sidecut at tips and tails for excellent manueverability atop deep snow. Full rocker increases maneuverability in deep snow, making turns in powder effortless and giving the skis a surflike, floaty feel. The smooth, gradual rocker from tip to tail also creates uninterrupted edge contact on groomed runs so you can maneuver these jumbo powder skis back to the lifts. Early taper in the tip and tail allows the ski to drift easily from turn to turn instead of the automatic turn initiation and hooking that happens with a standard sidecut. Low tip reduces chatter on groomed runs and resists diving in soft snow. Multilayer wooden core uses dense ash under the bindings to ensure screws won't come loose during harsh landings; soft poplar elsewhere makes the skis snappy and responsive. Tough Box construction sheathes the wood core in composite and fiberglass to remain durable during high speed landings and to snap back quickly from aggressive turns. Carbon laminate in the bottom layer of the core stabilizes the ride and further enhances durability. Stiff flex zone in front adds stability, and medium flex underfoot transitions to the soft tail that aids in turning on groomers and maneuvering in pow. Directional twin tip heavily favors skiing forward but allows you to ski and land jumps backward if needed. Völkl Two skis feature 124mm waists that require bindings with wide brakes. Base or topsheet color may vary from online photo. Size: 196 CM
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The Volkl Bridge Ski is your connection to ski-slope fun. A curvy ski that spans the gap between an all-mountain and pipe-n-park due to a fairly short turning radius, the Bridge begs for slaloms, trick parks, and trees. While you won't encounter flying monkeys, you might find stashes of untracked powder, and 95mm underfoot means you can handle that, too. Volkl's full rocker andExtended Low Profile mugshot shows a flat camber underfoot, finished off by rocker tip and tail. The modus operandi of the ELP is easy handling in soft snow without abdicating all control on hardpack groomers. Given that the ski lies flat against the snow, it will be harder for a novice skier to put the ski on edge than with a positive-cambered ski, but well-seasoned park players and all-mountain maniacs will be in heaven.Unlike the Tacoma Narrows Bridge built in 1940, the Bridge ski is a solid piece of German engineering. The multi-layer Sensorwood core creates a solid foundation atop which Power/Tough Box sidewall construction sits. If you envision the core in thirds, the center portion is made of ash, providing stability and secure binding-screw retention. The outer thirds of the ski are made from a poplar and beech laminate. Softer than ash, the laminate offers snap without sass, so you can ride the rails, land your jumps, and cruise the blues.The Bridge is made using traditional vertical sidewall construction. First, the wood core is wrapped in a fiberglass sheath for side-to-side stability. Then, carbon-fiber stringers are then laid vertically over the ski, for tip-to-tail stability. By using different materials, Volkl's Power/Tough Box construction creates a ski that pops when you want it to, follows your lead, and dampens vibrations for a smooth ride.
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