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The water dumbbells resistance pair is sold out or discontinued. We found 670 related products.
The affordability and fun of inflatable quick set up pools, above ground pools,and spas have made them a backyard staple for decades. For years these sources of summertime fun have become cheaper and more convenient with advances in technology. Unfortunately, the tools used to maintain them have not kept pace.the options available for cleaning these pools and spas are extremely lacking. Cleaning a small pool or spa with a garden hose cleaner is highly ineffective, slow, and adds cold water to a small pool!similarly, the class of relatively inexpensive spa and pool wands requireback breaking work in the middle of summer, and put extra strain on thepools filtration system. While these tools may be effective at capturinglarger debris, sand and algae pass through them easily, continuing tocontaminate the water.the new water tech pool blaster aqua BROOM is thesolution to all of these problems. The aqua BROOM is the most affordable powered pool and spa cleaner ever made. It is up to 20 times faster and more powerful than a wand or garden hose cleaner. With its optional micro filter bags, it removes sand, silt and even algae. It is an incredible new development in small pool and spa cleaning, keeping your pool sparkling, and your family healthy and happy. Priming pumps or attaching hoses are a thing of the past! the aqua BROOM operates for a month on five d cell batteries and only needs to be turned on and placed in the water to begin creating a cleaner, safer environment for your familys backyard fun. Equipment, Auto Pool Cleaners, Handheld Cleaners.
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The all new Rain Water Solutions 50 Gallon Rain Barrel is made in the U.S.A. of recycled plastic. Not only does it use recycled materials in its construction, but when this rain barrel reaches the end of its life, it's recyclable, too! It comes complete with everything you need to start collecting and using rainwater right away. In a beautiful forest green color, this barrel has an embossed Ivy pattern. The dark color helps keep UV out of the water to help with water quality. It has an integrated, screened inlet to prevent debris and insects from entering the rain barrel, and a child-resistant lid. Two large overflow ports help this barrel handle heavy rains. Made to last a life time of HDPE with UV inhibitors.   About Rain Water Solutions Rain Water Solutions manufactures and distributes rain barrels, in addition to designing and installing rainwater harvesting systems. The company works with residents, local and state agencies, and public and private institutions to develop custom solutions for protecting their landscape investment and reducing the use of costly, treated water. Rain Water Solutions' goal is to educate and engage people on the importance of protecting water quality through conserving water and reducing storm water runoff. 100% made in the USA! Made of recycled plastic, completely recyclable 2 large overflow ports to handle heavy rains State-of-the-art form and function Child-resistant lid for extra safety Easy to expand with connector hoses Made to last a lifetime
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