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The weems and plath atlantis barometer brass is sold out or discontinued. We found 107 related products.
Shop for Boating Accessories from! This mysterious weather predictor has been used since 1750. Admiral Fitzroy the famous sailor and meteorologist used the Stormglass aboard the HMS Beagle during his historic voyage with Darwin. After 250 years how the Stormglass works is still a mystery but it is believed that it has to do with the electromagnetic changes caused by weather and sun storms. The appearance of the crystals inside the glass indicates changes in the weather. The Weems and Plath Stormglass is packaged in a handsome velvet-lined black gift box with brass mounting accessories; which include the base self tapping screw finial and mounting accessory (to enable either wall or counter/table top fixed mounting). The Weems Stormglass is a beautiful and unique gift for the home boat or office.Sealed glass chamber holds the crystals and is encapsulated in a beautifully crafted brass cylinderDisplayed freestanding or mounted to a boat bulkhead or wall using an optional mounting bracketBrass finishDimensions: Size: 6 (165 mm) tall x 1 (31.75 mm) diameter Weight: Wt: 11oz (317.5g) About Weems & PlathFounded in 1928 Weems & Plath is a company steeped in the rich tradition of navigation. They offer a wide spectrum of precision instruments ranging from brass nautical clocks and barometers to binoculars and children's books. The company's dedication to providing the highest quality possible is evident in every step of the building process. From development to production Weems & Plath strives to be meticulous and offer exceptional service. The rich history and high standards of Weems & Plath will carry on into the future.
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