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Let the game's most brilliant players and coaches teach you World-Class Tennis Technique You'll find the most up-to-date information, based on solid scientific principles and presented in a practical, easy-to-understand manner. No other book on the market offers the level of world-class instruction and expertise found here. World-Class Tennis Technique is written by some of the world's top experts in biomechanics, tennis technique, and coaching, including - Patrick McEnroe- Jim Loehr- Mary Joe Fernandez- Stan Smith- Tom Gullikson- Pam Shriver- Former world-class players- National coaches- Past or current Davis Cup Captains Together these venerable tennis pros present a detailed, comprehensive look at the optimal biomechanics and technique for playing tennis. Each chapter features an expert with a scientific or technical background matched up with one of the top internationally known coaches. They explain the modern game and share their research, knowledge, and experience. Their explanations are succinct and to the point, making the best techniques easy to learn. You'll learn to improve your technique in every aspect of the game, including - perfecting your strokes, - improving your footwork and positioning, - training the appropriate muscle groups, - choosing the right racquet and equipment for your style of play, - adjusting to different court surfaces, - maintaining proper technique under pressure, and- analyzing your own game. You'll find an in-depth analysis of the proper fundamentals of each stroke--forehand, backhand, volley, overhead, serve, return, and specialty shots--presented with an incredible selection of full-color sequence photos. Learn the science behind the strokes to hit the ball with greater force, accuracy, and consistency. Then master and fine-tune your execution to excel in competition. With World-Class Tennis Technique, you'll soon play better than ever.
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The third year in Diana Waring's History Revealed curriculum, World Empires, World Missions, World Wars focuses on world history during the years 1800-1956. Focusing on interpreting history from a biblical worldview, lessons offer an explicitly Christian perspective on world events. Covering the Napoleonic Wars alongside the Modern Missions Movement, the Industrial Revolution to Jim Elliot's martyrdom in Ecuador, this curriculum integrates the historic events in the world with Church history. The Student Text lessons are designed specifically for homeschoolers who have the freedom to learn through multiple learning styles; students are given multiple options for learning that include visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning modalities, and lessons integrate the four learning styles and eight intelligences. Units open with a list of key concepts before diving into chapters that clearly explain events with a narrative-style tone. Each unit is then broken into four one-week segments, called phases, which cover multiple learning methods and provide the accompanying activities for the lessons. The Teacher's Guide provides an introduction to the teaching methodology of the curriculum, including detailed notes on how to teach each phase. Notes on differentiating instruction begin each unit, and the units themselves have helpful background information and lesson instruction surrounding each reduced-size student page. Recaps, discussion notes, and questions are provided along with some answers (e.g. timeline dates). The Test kit covers the material taught in the Phase 1 stages, and instead of quizzing students on names/places/dates, instead allows students to choose the areas which they are most familiar with, reflecting what they choose to focus their studies upon. Nine tests (one for each unit) are included, along with a separate answer key for each test. The optional Elementary Activity Book provides a way for younger students to work through the same curriculum as older siblings. Following the same four phases as the regular curriculum, mazes, children's songs, art activities, Bible verses to think about, hands-on activities, and simplified narratives provide a way for children in grades K-4 to participate. The three CD-Sets bring history to life through engaging audio narratives. True Tales features stories of fascinating people and amazing events; Digging Deeper tracks look at revivals and the hidden stories of the World Wars; What in the World? provides an overview of modern history. Scriptures are NKJV.This kit includes:Student Text, 427 pages, softcover. Teacher's Guide, 427 pages, hardcover.Test Kit, 9 tests plus answers, glue binding, reproducible for in-family use. Elementary Activity Book, 82 pages, softcover, Grades K-4True Tales 3-CD SetDigging Deeper 3-CD SetWhat in the World? 4-CD Set
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As the first volume of the Encountering Mission series, this book provides a broad overview of world missions. The book is divided into five major sections. The first two provide the biblical and theological basis for missions as well as a historical survey. The following three sections consider the practical issues and contemporary challenges involved in mission work. The authors incorporate a number of features that add focus and insight to their broader survey. Chapters close with a case study to focus on important issues and concerns. There are also numerous sidebars, maps, and charts throughout the text that provide further details on particular subjects and raise questions for discussion. A teacher's manual (available on CD-ROM) includes additional case studies, historical documents, and PowerPoint slides for classroom presentation. As a bonus, a free CD-ROM containing the Evangelical Dictionary of World Missions is included in the back of each book. This comprehensive reference work contains over 1,400 articles on the theory, practice, theology, and history of mission. A. Scott Moreau is professor of missions and intercultural studies at Wheaton College Graduate School in Wheaton, Illinois. He is the general editor of the Evangelical Dictionary of World Missions. Gary R. Corwin is associate editor of Evangelical Missions Quarterly, special representative with SIM (Serving in Mission), and a visiting lecturer at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, North Carolina. Gary B. McGee is professor of church history and Pentecostal studies at the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary in Springfield, Missouri
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Software & Plug-ins - Bring a massive collection of ethic instruments to your studio with Garritan World Instruments! This Garritan sample collection delivers tons of cool ethnic and world instruments, in an easy-to-use, affordable sample package. You don't even need a sampler to get started, as Garritan World Instruments comes with the Aria player for out-of-the-box music-making. You can experiment with quality instruments, including bagpipes, koto, balalaika, and more. All in all, you'll find it easy to express musical ideas - and hear them performed with stunning realism - using Garritan's World Instruments.Garritan World Instruments Samples with Aria at a Glance:A world instrument section for every musicianA complete world music library at your fingertipsVery easy to useWorks with Macs and PCs - standalone or as a plug-inA world instrument section for every musicianWhether you're a professional film composer who needs to produce orchestral mockups at a moment's notice, a hobbyist who wants to create great sounding orchestral music, or a student who is studying the art and craft of orchestration, Garritan World Instruments will simplify creative work at a price that won't break the bank. In the studio, at home or on the road, World Instruments gives every musician easily playable and expressive ethnic instruments.A complete world music library at your fingertipsGarritan World Instruments is an extensive library of common, and less common, ethnic and world instruments. Affordable, easy-to-use and comprehensive. Includes 350 instruments from around the world including gamelan, koto, pipa, ipu heke, sitar, steel drums, and much more. The collection comes integrated with the Aria player and works as a virtual instrument. There's no need to purchase a separate sampler. You can adjust a number of parameters, so you can get the right instrument sound and expression.Very easy to useCreate great sounding orchestral music quickly and easily. Just load your instruments and play. Standardized controls allow you to become familiar with the library quickly and master all the instruments easily. Express your musical ideas fast and with minimal effort. What's more, there's no need to piece together samples or articulations. Play articulations in real time and get expressive human-sounding performances.Works with Macs and PCs - standalone or as a plug-inGarritan World Instruments supports all popular formats, Mac and PC, as a standalone program or as a plug-in (VST, RTAS, and AU), works with supported notation programs.Garritan World Instruments Samples with Aria Features:Sample library with 350 ethnic and world instrumentsWoodwinds, brass, strings, percussion, choir, keyboards, and harpsIncludes Aria player for out-of-the-box operationInstruments are playable in real timeEasy to use for beginners, with extensive controls available for advanced useFunctions standalone or as a VST, RTAS, or AU plug-inWorks with Mac and PC computersPut a huge collection of ethnic and world instruments on your laptop, with the affordable, efficient, and amazing-sounding Garritan World Instruments! Plug-ins: Virtual Instruments
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