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Looking at the World explores how we look at the world: through photography, our eyes, animal eyes, and things that help us see. Looking at the World examines the sense of sight from both the human and animal perspectives. Analyzing how we see and what we see provides an opportunity for children to investigate and understand facets of the sense of sight. An examination of things that help us see and photography will provide children with a well-rounded collection of experiences relevant to everyday life. Subtopics included:PhotographyOur EyesThings That Help Us SeeAnimal EyesIncluded with each Passports topic: User's Guide for Implementation - This simple, step-by-step guide covers the complete process from planning to implementing Passports. Field Guide - Every Field Guide delivers 120 intriguing and interest-driven learning experiences. Integrating learning across domains, the Field Guide provides children with authentic learning experiences. Fine Art Posters - Travel around the world through an artisan's eye. The Fine Art posters highlight the work of two artisans and complement kit topics. The Field Guide provides strategies to weave the fine arts across learning domains. Photographic Storybook - Capturing real processes related to each Passports topic, the Photographic Storybook provides background knowledge on topics, and depicts children in creative processes and explorations. Children's Book - Foster phonological awareness, letter recognition, and early writing skills with learning experiences linked to a highly acclaimed children's book. Family Postcards - The ideas contained on the bilingual (English/Spanish) Family Postcards promote a strong connection between home and school and can be easily incorporated into daily home routines. Travel Stamps and Planning Grid - Planning intriguing experiences and organizing lessons based on children's interests have never been easier. Arrange the Travel Stamps with learning experience titles on the Planning Grid. Also included blank stamps to add your own ideas.
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The third year in Diana Waring's History Revealed curriculum, World Empires, World Missions, World Wars focuses on world history during the years 1800-1956. Focusing on interpreting history from a biblical worldview, lessons offer an explicitly Christian perspective on world events. Covering the Napoleonic Wars alongside the Modern Missions Movement, the Industrial Revolution to Jim Elliot's martyrdom in Ecuador, this curriculum integrates the historic events in the world with Church history. The Student Text lessons are designed specifically for homeschoolers who have the freedom to learn through multiple learning styles; students are given multiple options for learning that include visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning modalities, and lessons integrate the four learning styles and eight intelligences. Units open with a list of key concepts before diving into chapters that clearly explain events with a narrative-style tone. Each unit is then broken into four one-week segments, called phases, which cover multiple learning methods and provide the accompanying activities for the lessons. The Teacher's Guide provides an introduction to the teaching methodology of the curriculum, including detailed notes on how to teach each phase. Notes on differentiating instruction begin each unit, and the units themselves have helpful background information and lesson instruction surrounding each reduced-size student page. Recaps, discussion notes, and questions are provided along with some answers (e.g. timeline dates). The Test kit covers the material taught in the Phase 1 stages, and instead of quizzing students on names/places/dates, instead allows students to choose the areas which they are most familiar with, reflecting what they choose to focus their studies upon. Nine tests (one for each unit) are included, along with a separate answer key for each test. The optional Elementary Activity Book provides a way for younger students to work through the same curriculum as older siblings. Following the same four phases as the regular curriculum, mazes, children's songs, art activities, Bible verses to think about, hands-on activities, and simplified narratives provide a way for children in grades K-4 to participate. The three CD-Sets bring history to life through engaging audio narratives. True Tales features stories of fascinating people and amazing events; Digging Deeper tracks look at revivals and the hidden stories of the World Wars; What in the World? provides an overview of modern history. Scriptures are NKJV.This kit includes:Student Text, 427 pages, softcover. Teacher's Guide, 427 pages, hardcover.Test Kit, 9 tests plus answers, glue binding, reproducible for in-family use. Elementary Activity Book, 82 pages, softcover, Grades K-4True Tales 3-CD SetDigging Deeper 3-CD SetWhat in the World? 4-CD Set
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Providing students with an overview of world history from creation to the present day, Exploring World History from Notgrass Company is a full-year high school course that presents history from a Christian perspective. This course is comprised of two primary texts and a volume of primary documents. Each textbook unit is filled with conservational chapters and many full-color photographs of archival images, artifacts, and locations. In addition to reading the history narrative about events, issues, and people from around the world and across the centuries, students will read original documents, speeches, poems, and stories in In Their Words. They will also read classic literature (in books obtained separately) that help bring to life the time periods they are studying. Units begin with a summary and list of lessons, memory work, books used, and a project. Each lesson ends with readings from the book In Their Words, additional literature assignments, and instructions for questions and quizzes (quizzes and tests themselves are in the sold-separately Exploring World History Quiz & Exam Pack). This updated 2014 edition features hundreds of color illustrations and photographs. In addition to a thorough survey of Western Civilization, it offers expanded coverage of Latin America, Africa, and Asia. 150 lessons; 50-60 minutes on each subject each day (total of 2.5-3 hours per day). This course, when all assignments are completed, provides one credit of world history, one credit of English, and one credit of Bible. This kit includes: Exploring World History Volume 1: Creation through the Middle Ages. 434 pages, hardcover n on-consumable. Exploring World History Volume 2: The Renaissance to the Present. Pages 435-889, indexed, hardcover non-consumable. In Their Words: Original Documents, Speeches, Poems, and Stories from World History. 381 pages, hardcover non-consumable. The following twelve works of world literature are assigned in Exploring World History. A detailed list of words and ideas with which some families might be uncomfortable is included. The Cat of Bubastes (G.A. Henty) The Art of War (Sun Tzu) Julius Caesar (William Shakespeare) The Imitation of Christ (Thomas ' Kempis) Here I Stand (Roland Bainton) A Tale of Two Cities (Charles Dickens) North and South (Elizabeth Gaskell) The Hiding Place (Corrie Ten Boom) Bridge to the Sun (Gwen Terasaki) Cry, the Beloved Country (Alan Paton) Animal Farm (George Orwell) The Abolition of Man (C.S. Lewis)
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