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The worms 4 mayhem for xbox is sold out or discontinued. We found 54 related products.
Easily turn your table scraps into plant roids! The Worm Factory 360 worm composting bin houses worms as they break down your food, cardboard, and paper waste into one of nature’s most potent fertilizers. Compost made with worms has been proven to contain up to ten times the plant nutrients found in compost made from a traditional compost pile. A worm composting bin is also more efficient and less time consuming to maintain. The Worm Factory 360 takes less than 15 minutes per week to operate. Simply mix the included bedding material together with your waste products, and place the mixture into the bottom tray of the unit. Add some red wiggler composting worms into the mix, and… Voila! The worms will begin to munch on the mixture and produce their signature creation, nutrient-laden worm castings (AKA worm compost, vermicompost) Once the first tray is filled to capacity, simply add another one on top. The bottom of each tray has a grid-like structure so that the red wiggler worms can move upward through the levels in search of food as the lower trays become what you’ve been waiting for: finished worm compost, filled with a variety of plant nutrients. The first tray will become fully processed in approximately three months. After that, you will be able to harvest the rest of your trays about once every month or so depending on the volume of food and bedding put into them. After harvesting a tray, simply put the newly emptied tray back on top of the Worm Factory 360 and you can continue the vermicomposting cycle indefinitely. Your rich harvested compost can be used in a number of gardening applications. We all know that nutrients help you grow big and strong, and your fresh worm castings will be LOADED with nutrients. This allows you to grow your plants bigger and better than ever before! Imagine what your harvest could look like if you added vermicompost into the mix! Even if you’re not the green-thumb type, the Worm Factory 360 worm composting bin will help you to reduce your environmental impact by giving you an alternative to the traditional waste management practice of landfill stuffing. Make the switch to the Worm Factory 360 worm composting bin and get started vermicomposting at home today! Features: Compact footprint with large capacity: the Worm Factory 360 expands upward, allowing it to be expanded to allow for maximum composting while minimizing its requirement for floorspace. Made in the United States with high quality recycled plastic Available in three color options: black, green, or terracotta Year-round production of compost: Your eating does not stop in the colder months so why should your composting? The Worm Factory 360 worm composting bin can be operated in temperatures between 40 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit allowing it to be operated in a sheltered location outdoors year-round in most of the U.S. Odor-free operation: when properly maintained, the Worm Factory 360 is odorless, making it highly usable indoors. It is the perfect solution for apartments, condos, garages, kitchens, closets, and more 10 year limited warranty Can contain thousands of worms that can process multiple pounds of waste per week Advantages over the original Worm Factory: Improved base and lid design for better air circulation to keep your bin aerated and odor-free Base contains the new worm ladder to help worms that fall into your worm tea collector get back up into the composting area Pumice for boosting the water retention of your worm composting bin Mineral rock dust to add nutrients to your finished worm castings What’s Included: “Quick Tips” instructions on unit lid In-depth instruction booklet 4 chapter DVD guide for worm composting beginners Starter bedding for the worms Accessory kit containing a thermometer, a scraper, and a hand rake to assist you in maintaining your worm composting bin “Worm tea” liquid fertilizer collection tray to collect nutrient-rich run-off water from the
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