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The wtb speed v comp bicycle saddle black is sold out or discontinued. We found 803 related products.
Take a wander through the employee garage here at our company headquarters, and you'll notice something shared among the mountain bikes hanging from the hook racks: WTB saddles. There's good reason for this, too, and that reason is simply that WTB makes uncommonly comfortable mountain biking saddles, and at weights and prices that rival nearly any others out there. More evidence of this is increasing popularity of WTB saddles as standard equipment on many factory bikes, too. This WTB Volt Race Saddle, ringing in at this price, makes a strong case for the best value in mountain biking saddles, period. A lot of what makes WTB saddles so comfortable is what the company calls its Comfort Zone, a specially-shaped central area of the saddle that allows for natural contouring to your body. It's something you feel immediately, and it only gets better as the saddle breaks in. The nose is broad and supportive when you get aggressive on climbs, while WTB's proprietary DNA padding contributes hugely to your comfort, too, allowing cushion without friction-inducing softness and providing support without numbness-inducing firmness. It all gets wrapped in a synthetic leather covering with abrasion-resistant corners, and it rides on chromoly rails that give up only a few grams to the titanium ones on more expensive versions of the Volt. The WTB Volt Race Saddle is 265mm long and 133mm wide, landing in the sizing sweetspot for the vast majority of riders. It comes in Black and weighs roughly 287 grams.
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