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The yakima vertical mighty mounts set of 4 5v one size is sold out or discontinued. We found 1500 related products.
Flooring Cross-Section: This Miseno flooring comes with a 35 year limited warranty on wood structure and finish Wood Structure: Engineered Hardwood planks – multiple layers of support planks are topped by a thick hardwood top layer also Engineered Hardwood can be installed virtually anywhere and on any subfloor Oak Hardwood - rich in aesthetic appeal and boasts a janka (hardness/durability) rating of 1360 psi Plank Dimensions: 6 in width with varying lenghts and planks are 9/16 thick Surface Characteristics: Dark-Shade finish - striking because of their visually bold nature, dark hardwoods can help balance out areas that are otherwise inherently bright Resawn Surface - the Distressed Surface - the distressed surface aids in hiding dents, dings, or any blemishes surface aids in hiding dents, dings, or any blemishes Semi-gloss top coat – an ideal balance between ultra-shiny high-gloss finishes and duller satin/matte finishes Medium character variation – some changes in appearance throughout via differing groove patterns or wood knots Finish Type - 11 Step Aluminum Oxide finishInstallation Specifics: Micro-Beveled edges – a subtle groove at the seam of the boards lends to a more worn rustic appearance edges – a very subtle groove at the seam of the boards gives the floor more dimension compared to Squared edges – virtually no indentation at the board’s seams; gives the appearance of a one-piece smooth floor edge options This floor is appropriate for installation in the following areas: Above-Grade installation – designed for rooms that do not contact the ground surface (upstairs bedrooms, ground-floor rooms with wooden sub-floor) On-Grade installation – designed for ground-floor rooms atop a concrete slab or wooden sub-floor Below-Grade installation – designed for surfaces that penetrate the ground surface (basements) Installation Application Options: Floating installation – unique in the sense that the floor boards are attached to one another, but not the sub-floor (ideal for areas where significant expansion/contraction of wood is eminent) Tongue-and-Groove Installation – perfect for the ‘Do-It-Yourself’ home owner; the boards “float” but are interlocked with the row behind, so it can be installed directly over existing vinyl or tile floors Glue down installation – floor is attached using an adhesive; ideal for areas where wooden sub-floors are not an option Flooring adhesives provide the additional benefit of acting as a sound deadener Nail down installation – Floor is attached via nails directly to a wooden sub-floor Staple down installation – Floor is attached via staples directly to a wooden sub-floorProduct Specifications: Square Feet Per Carton: 42 Wood Species: Oak Surface Type: Resawn Gloss Level: Medium (semi-gloss) Edge Type: Micro-Beveled Plank Width: 6 Plank Length: Random lengths (11-47) Plank Thickness: 9/16 Wear Layer: 2 MM Installation Locations: On Grade (ground level), Above Grade (upstairs), Below Grade (basement) Installation Types: Nail down, staple down, glue down, float, tongue-and-groove
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