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The yamaha ns m325 main stereo speaker is sold out or discontinued. We found 299 related products.
Studio Monitors - The MSP3 Powered Monitor Speaker is a 2-way powered monitor that delivers quality audio and excellent cost performance. Designed for use in personal music production systems, each unit features built-in amplification, a variety of audio connection options and separate volume controls for two different audio sources.Yamaha MSP3 Powered Monitor Speaker at a Glance:Remarkably compact speaker with woofer, tweeter and built-in ampBass reflex enclosure with Waveguide technology to optimize outputMultiple audio connection optionsSeparate volume controls for 2 audio sources plus tone controlsRemarkably compact speaker with woofer, tweeter and built-in ampYou can put the MSP3 Powered Monitor almost anywhere! This 2-way speaker packs a lot of sound into a small package. Designed for use in personal music production systems, each MSP3 unit features a built-in 20-watt amplifier that drives both the 4 woofer and the 7/8 tweeter. And the cabinet is a compact 5 11/16 x 9 5/16 x 6-9/16.Bass reflex enclosure with Waveguide technology to optimize outputThe MSP3's big sound is enhanced by a bass reflex enclosure that optimizes low-frequency output. In addition, the MSP3 enclosure incorporates Yamaha's Waveguide technology to deliver broad, uniform dispersion of high frequencies. Stereo imaging from a pair of MSP3 speakers is surprisingly clear and transparent! Magnetic shielding and compact size allows the MSP3 monitors to be placed near any type of audio, video or computer equipment.Multiple audio connection optionsTo make connection with a variety of audio sources easy, each MSP3 monitor is equipped with a balanced XLR input for direct compatibility with professional equipment, a balanced 1/4 phone jack input and an unbalanced RCA jack input. Two input connections can work simultaneously so you can play back multiple audio sources on your MSP3 monitors if necessary.Separate volume controls for 2 audio sources plus tone controlsThe MSP3 also features separate volume controls for the Line 1 (RCA jack) input and Line 2 (XLR/phone) input plus high and low tone controls for sound tailoring. If you're looking for quality, affordable personal monitors, check out the MSP3!Yamaha MSP3 Powered Monitor Speaker Features:Compact, two-way powered monitor systemBuilt-in 20-watt amplifierTwo Line inputs - balanced XLR, balanced phone jack and unbalanced RCA jack for versatile connectivityHigh and low tone controls for sound tailoringSeparate Line 1 and Line 2 level controlsWaveguide technology delivers broad, uniform dispersion of high frequenciesMagnetic shieldingMic stand mountable with optional BMS10A Mic Stand AdapterYamaha MSP3 Monitors are ideal for your computer-based audio setup! Active Monitors
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The Yamaha BR15 is a 400-watt, 2-way main PA cabinet with a 15-inch high power woofer. The new BR-Series from Yamaha combines affordability with high performance. Five BR models are designed to fit the budgets of performing musicians, small churches, and schools, while delivering the full frequency response and high output of more costly systems. While 'BR' presents 'bass reflex', it also proves very appropriate for describing the line's advanced feature set... B uilt R ight: Combining their knowledge of acoustics and advanced computer controlled woodworking, Yamaha Music Manufacturing in Thomaston, Georgia, crafts the BR line of sound reinforcement loudspeakers to exacting standards. Each model's large steel handles, corner protectors, and built-in pole sockets, assure both durability and flexibility. B etter R esponse: BR cabinets are carefully designed for the best balance of small, easy to handle size and great low-frequency response, using B ass R eflex technology. High-frequency response is also enhanced with a 1' new titanium HF driver and 90° by 40° non-resonant horn. B est R eliability: All BR-Series models are covered by a three-year warranty. With integral protection circuitry built into the passive crossover, you can expect a long life of high output and minimal distortion. Whichever model you choose, your message is sure to be heard using BR-Series loudspeakers... and you can take the savings to the bank! Other Yamaha BR Models: BR10 - 250-watt (Program), 2-way mains cabinet with 10' high power woofer. BR12 - 300-watt , 2-way mains cabinet with 12' high power woofer. BR12M - 300-watt, 2-way main/monitor cabinet with 12' high power woofer. BR15M - 400-watt, 2-way main/monitor cabinet with 15' high power woofer.
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The Yamaha Motif Rack XS Sound Module brings top-quality Yamaha voices when and wherever inspiration strikes. The compact Motif Rack XS gives you an enormous selection of Voices based on the popular, professional-level Motif XS, studio-level effect processing, five real-time Control Knobs for tweaking 20 different parameters as you play, a wide-ranging library of convenient Multi-part presets, thousands of automatic Arpeggios at your fingertips, and seamless hardware/software integration. Never before has such comprehensive control, music-making versatility and sheer sonic power been combined in such a small, easy-to-use package. This little powerhouse has all you need - effectively doing the work of several tone generators and processors. Simply hook it up to a laptop or a keyboard workstation and you've got an entire studio's worth of sounds and effects at your fingertips - plus a whole world of inspiration you can tap into. Yamaha Motif Rack XS Features Wide range of dynamic and authentic Voices - total of 1,152 Voices and 65 Drum Kits Powerful Arpeggio function - simultaneous playback of four types, total 6,633 available Five real-time Control Knobs, for adjusting the sound as you perform or record Convenient, intuitive editing of all settings from computer with Motif Rack XS Editor Full integration with the popular Cubase series audio/MIDI recording software Voices For Every Application Utilizing the very same Voices and the same tone generation architecture as the famed Motif XS, the compact Motif Rack XS gives you everything you need for your studio productions and live performances. Boasting a full 1,152 Voices and 65 Drum Kits, this versatile tone generator is packed full of luscious grand pianos, realistic sounds for virtually every instrument in the orchestra, vintage organs and electric pianos, expressive guitars, powerful basses, synthesizer sounds of every stripe, from classic to cutting-edge contemporary, ethnic instruments, as well as a huge variety of drum kits and percussion sets to perfectly match any music style. What's more, the Motif Rack XS has a synthesis engine filled with 355 MB of waveform data, for a total of 2,670 separate waveforms - an amazingly broad selection of building blocks you can use to create your own Voices. These can be saved to the three User Voice banks, letting you store up to 384 of your original Voices on the instrument itself. Studio-Quality Effects The awesome sonic power of the Motif Rack XS continues with the comprehensive, professional-level effects. Providing eight Insertion effects, two System effects, a Master effect block, as well as independent Part EQ and Master EQ, this instrument gives you more processing power than any other rack module. While the System effects (Reverb and Chorus) let you sweeten each instrument Part in the overall mix, the Insertion effects (53 available types) let you enhance or transform individual instruments as needed. The Motif Rack XS also has various newly developed VCM effects, reproducing the sound of vintage processors and expensive effect units. Easy USB connection One USB cable is all you need for MIDI integration between the Motif Rack XS and your computer-based music production system or DAW. Simply set your software to recognize the Motif Rack XS port, and you have seamless, bi-directional communication for recording and playback. Motif Rack XS Editor This special Editor software provides comprehensive control over all Voice, Multi and Drum settings on the Motif Rack XS - and even gives you access to detailed parameters not available from the front panel. The graphic display lets you conveniently tweak the settings by simple click-and-drag operations. What's more, the software stays
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