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Tangled  (Nintendo DS, 2010)

Tangled (Nintendo DS, 2010)

Released in conjunction with Disney's computer-animated feature film, Tangled for Nintendo DS is a side-scrolling adventure game with situational puzzles ...

$6.35 - $50 Several Offers
Plants vs. Zombies  (Nintendo DS, 2011)

Plants vs. Zombies (Nintendo DS, 2011)

PopCap Games' hit "tower defense" strategy game where anthropomorphic flowers square off against reanimated corpses comes to the DS in ...

$10 - $30 Several Offers
LEGO Battles  (Nintendo DS, 2009)

LEGO Battles (Nintendo DS, 2009)

Gamers can mix and match their own custom LEGO squad and fight their way through more than 70 block-busting levels ...

$5.00 - $33 Several Offers
Cars  (Nintendo DS, 2006)

Cars (Nintendo DS, 2006)

Start your engines and hold on tight, it's Piston Cup season again. Lightning McQueen soon discovers that the new season ...

$5.00 - $25 Several Offers
Imagine: Movie Star  (Nintendo DS, 2008)

Imagine: Movie Star (Nintendo DS, 2008)

Star power: You've got to use it or you'll lose it. The Movie Star edition in Ubisoft's Imagine line of ...

$5.00 - $29 Several Offers