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Incoming  (Sega Dreamcast, 1999)

Incoming (Sega Dreamcast, 1999)

Rage and Interplay have brought us Incoming for the Sega Dreamcast, a title that mixes classic wartime combat with futuristic ...

$20 - $100 Several Offers
Coaster Works  (Sega Dreamcast, 2001)

Coaster Works (Sega Dreamcast, 2001)

Coaster Works allows Dreamcast gamers to design and build their own virtual roller coasters. Players design the coasters using a ...

$6.67 - $15 Several Offers
Iron Aces  (Sega Dreamcast, 2001)

Iron Aces (Sega Dreamcast, 2001)

Though set against the backdrop of the Second World War, Iron Aces weaves a fictitious narrative chronicling the battles fought ...

$9.99 - $19 Several Offers
Crazy Taxi  (Sega Dreamcast, 2000)

Crazy Taxi (Sega Dreamcast, 2000)

One of the more popular -- and certainly more creative -- racing titles to hit the arcades during 1999 is ...

$40 - $100 Several Offers
MagForce Racing  (Sega Dreamcast, 2000)

MagForce Racing (Sega Dreamcast, 2000)

The future is the setting for this Dreamcast racer, MagForce Racing. Controlling vehicles known as Tripods, players must compete in ...

$20 - $25 Several Offers
Sega Bass Fishing  (Sega Dreamcast, 1999)

Sega Bass Fishing (Sega Dreamcast, 1999)

Are you sick of waking up at four o'clock in the morning to rent a fishing boat only to spill ...

$6.95 - $25 Several Offers