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Children of Mana  (Nintendo DS, 2006)

Children of Mana (Nintendo DS, 2006)

Square's popular action role-playing series returns to a Nintendo platform with the DS debut of Children of Mana. While previous ...

$27 One Offer
Top Spin 2  (Nintendo DS, 2006)

Top Spin 2 (Nintendo DS, 2006)

Nintendo DS owners are served their first tennis game with the release of Top Spin 2. As in the GBA ...

$30 One Offer
Contact  (Nintendo DS, 2006)

Contact (Nintendo DS, 2006)

The klaxon alarm is shrieking! Something is wrong! The Professor wrestles his damaged spaceship to a crash landing on a ...

$40 - $101 Several Offers
Settlers  (Nintendo DS, 2007)

Settlers (Nintendo DS, 2007)

Blue Byte's real-time computer civilization simulator re-settles on DS in this extensively customized port, courtesy of Ubisoft and GameStop. As ...

$30 - $40 Several Offers
Nostalgia  (Nintendo DS, 2009)

Nostalgia (Nintendo DS, 2009)

Set in a steampunk version of the late 19th century where people use giant airships to travel the world, Nostalgia ...

$83 - $200 Several Offers
Left Brain Right Brain  (Nintendo DS, 2007)

Left Brain Right Brain (Nintendo DS, 2007)

Not content with just improving brainpower, Majesco wants gamers to learn to use both hands while they work on their ...

$18 - $30 Several Offers